Lehua Brands Unveils New Leadership Team and Distributor Ahead of Expansion to Canadian Cannabis Market

Lehua Brands Unveils New Leadership Team and Distributor Ahead of Expansion to Canadian Cannabis Market

a California- certified manufacturer of prizewinning cannabis products, blazoned moment an expansion of their house of brands into Canada. Four directors have joined the company to lead its request expansion and maximize new distribution hookups, including CEO Sierra Elaina, VP of Development Todd Menaker, VP of Operations Thomas Riddle and Director of Marketing Yorgi Spanos.
By erecting on its established California foundation with new leadership, new distribution and an advanced strategy, Lehua Brands is uniquely deposited to review the grueling California request, enter the Canadian sector, and establish a base for expansion into Northeast American requests.

“ We ’ve erected a distinctive leadership platoon to drive our business forward in this new period, ” CEO Sierra Elaina said. “ To be successful in cannabis moment, brands need directors with experience both inside and outside the assiduity, and with the creativity, moxie and business discipline to develop discerned products that consumers and retailers will love. I ’m confident in our plan and anticipate uninterrupted growth in our product line and distribution moving forward. ”

Lehua Brands continues to thrive during this unpredictable period in the cannabis assiduity. Through a new strategic cooperation with distributor Lowell grangesInc., a California- grounded vertically- integrated cannabis company, Lehua Brands accesses new distribution channels and solidifies its position in the competitive California request.

“ Embracing invention and unique cannabis generalities has always been at the core of Lowell granges, and we ’re proud to mate with Lehua Brands, ” said Lowell grangesCo-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Ainsworth.

Lehua Brands ’ restructured leadership platoon brings together four proven directors who understand that the uniquely grueling California request requires new approaches, and who have the different moxie to defy complex challenges as growth openings.

CEO Sierra Elaina brings experience from further than two decades growing ménage brands with advance products and go- to- request strategies for transnational companies including Diageo and Maldon Salt. She possessed and managed a public existential and strategic marketing agency and came an early colonist in legal cannabis when she launched the decoration edibles brand Coda hand in over 400 stores across California in lower than 18 months.
VP of Operations Thomas Riddle is a expert cannabis expert and seasoned leader in seed- to- shelf cannabis manufacturing who has headed up operations at 710 Labs, Cathedral City Cannabis Company( C4), Tikun Olam and MedMen.
VP of Development Todd Menaker brings a third area of moxie to the leadership platoon as a culinary exploration and development visionary. His three decades spent creating award- winning products for iconic CPG brands including Trader Joe’s, Sun- Maid and Kraft, as well as developing cannabis sweetmeats at Coda hand, inform his part overseeing Lehua’s expression and form development.
Director of Marketing Yorgi Spanos is an mastermind of life brands andCo-Founder and Creative Director of the multimillion bone
men’s decoration jewelry start- up MANSSION. He preliminarily served in the spirits assiduity with places at Young’s request and Sagamore Spirits, and brings an elite position of design and digital marketing moxie to Lehua Brands. Spanos understands the complexity of the cannabis nonsupervisory terrain from his work as a director at Mammoth Distribution.
The preface of seven new SKUs in 2023, coupled with the reclamation of top- league gift and a new distribution cooperation, uniquely positions Lehua Brands to subsidize on arising request prospects and unveil fresh innovative products in 2024. As consumers decreasingly conclude for further informed choices, the demand for healthier, function- grounded cannabis potables with bold flavors and little to no sugar — similar as those offered by Olala and Voila! — continues to soar.

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