Massey Ferguson® Introduces Cost-Effective Tractor for Vineyards and Orchards The MF 3 Series Specialty

Massey Ferguson®, a leading global provider of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, has unveiled the Massey Ferguson® 3 Series Specialty tractor to the North American market. Specifically designed for vineyards and orchards, this new series comprises seven models ranging from 75 to 115 HP, offering a compact yet powerful solution tailored for challenging applications. Emphasizing efficiency, comfort, and environmental sustainability, the MF 3 Series will debut at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, from February 13 to 15, 2024.

Kevin Lewallen, tactical marketing manager for Massey Ferguson North America, expressed excitement about introducing this offering to vineyard and orchard operations, highlighting the company’s commitment to productivity and economy in these sectors. The MF 3 Series includes various models catering to different needs, such as cab models for vineyard and orchard applications, narrow and low-profile models for tunnel and fruit orchards, and a narrow Vineyard version ideal for traditional vineyards.

The Vineyard version, characterized by its industry-leading comfort and maneuverability, features a cab just over 3 feet wide, enabling easy navigation through tight rows. Offering high power and torque at low engine RPM, it ensures maximum efficiency and reduced noise levels. Farmers can choose from several transmission options to customize the MF 3VI.95 and other models to suit their specific requirements.

The Specialty version provides a dependable and straightforward solution for operations seeking optimal return on investment, with models ranging from 75 to 115 HP. Exceptional operator comfort and convenience are ensured with a 4-foot-wide cab and ample power, enabling increased productivity between refueling.

The Ground Effect version, comprising open-station platform models, is designed for older vineyards, offering a combination of narrow and low-profile dimensions. These models provide optimal efficiency, reduced noise, and lower fuel consumption, allowing farmers to tailor their equipment solution to their needs while ensuring long-term dependability and ease of use.

Lewallen emphasized Massey Ferguson’s commitment to providing durable, user-friendly agricultural equipment, aiming to deliver power, maneuverability, and reliability with a fast return on investment and a reduced carbon footprint across all models of the MF 3 Series.

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