MILO Empowers Orang Asli Youth Through Sports

MILO Empowers Orang Asli Youth Through Sports

farther strengthening its commitment by expanding its sports action beyond civic areas, MILO remains devoted to fostering grassroots sports development among Malaysians and icing that every Malaysian child is included and encouraged to share in sports. Joining hands with the Sports,Co-Curricular and trades Division of the Ministry of Education( MOE), MILO lately commanded Kejohanan Sukan Sekolah Murid Orang Asli( KSSMOA) 2023 to encourage academy children to take up sports.

Held over two days in seminaries in Shah Alam, Puchong and Subang Jaya, KSSMOA 2023 brought together further than 422 Orang Asli scholars across seven countries, showcasing a variety of original sporting events similar as Bola Sepak, Sepak Takraw, Bola Baling and Olahraga. These spirited competitions not only underlined the value of sports but also handed a platform for youthful scholars to showcase their chops and make cooperation. Adding a nostalgic touch to the event, iconic MILO exchanges offered complimentary mugs of energising MILO to actors, creating an atmosphere of collaborative joy and festivity.

Kerwin Lim, Sports Marketing Manager MILO, Nestlé( Malaysia) Berhad, said,” We’re pleased to join hands with MOE for this action, reflecting MILO’s loyal commitment to utilising sports as a tool to nurture essential lifelong values in youthful individualities. Through KSSMOA 2023, we forcefully believe in the transformative power of sports in creating a positive impact on Orang Asli youth. structure on our history of driving grassroots sports development in Malaysia, the issues we’ve witnessed over the times have corroborated our belief that sports is a great schoolteacher, playing a vital part in shaping character by breeding positive values similar as perseverance, leadership and cooperation, all of which support the well- rounded and holistic development of children. ”

MILO has been necessary in driving a sporting culture amongst Malaysians and stands as a brand deeply committed to inclusivity across all communities. For further than 70 times, MILO has played a vital part in cultivating youthful gift within the Malaysian sports scene. This continuing commitment reflects MILO’s belief that sports serve as exemplary preceptors of life values. The scholars’ estimable sportsmanship displayed during the event epitomised MILO’s abecedarian gospel “ Take on Sports moment, Take on Life Tomorrow ” or “ Hari Ini Gigih Bersukan, Hari Esok Kuasai Kehidupan ”.

“ We believe there’s so much further to achieve, and MILO will continue to be at the van in supporting original community enterprise similar as KSSMOA. Eventually, our end is to continue empowering parents and scholars with the knowledge and understanding that a balanced life, encompassing both academic hobbies and adulterous heartstrings, is the key to unleashing their full eventuality, ” concluded Kerwin Lim.
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