NCR Voyix Introduces Aloha Pay-At-Table, Enhanced by Sunday, for Streamlined Restaurant Payments

NCR Voyix (NYSE: VYX), a prominent global provider of digital commerce solutions, has introduced Aloha Pay-At-Table, powered by sunday, to elevate the dining experience. sunday, headquartered in Atlanta, is revolutionizing dining for patrons by enabling them to utilize their smartphones to swiftly scan a QR code on their tabletops. This allows them to effortlessly view their detailed bill, split expenses, and leave gratuities, all within a mere 10 seconds. The software was initially launched in 2021 across 23 locations in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic, leveraging QR codes to enhance safety measures. The pilot program resulted in a notable increase in both the number of restaurant visitors and the size of orders.

Presently, the platform benefits over 2,000 restaurants globally, impacting approximately 50 million patrons annually. With its seamless integration into Aloha POS by NCR Voyix, Aloha Pay-At-Table significantly reduces wait times for payment processing, enhancing efficiency for patrons, staff, and restaurant proprietors alike.

Benny Tadele, Executive Vice President and President of Restaurants at NCR Voyix, remarked, “In an industry known for its narrow profit margins, our Aloha Pay-At-Table technology empowers restaurants to operate more efficiently. By expediting service to patrons, encouraging higher expenditures, and facilitating quicker table turnovers, it represents a transformative tool for business-minded operators.”

The system offers several additional advantages:

  1. Increased gratuities: Automatic, precalculated tip suggestions result in servers receiving tips that are 10% higher on average.
  2. Enhanced efficiency: By eliminating the need for servers to make multiple trips for payment processing, an average of 15 minutes per table is saved.
  3. Improved guest experience: Patrons are prompted to review various aspects of their dining experience, including food quality, service, ambiance, and value for money on Google after completing their payments.

Christine de Wendel, Co-founder and U.S. CEO of sunday, stated, “We are enhancing the overall experience for all stakeholders involved, whether it’s restaurant guests, servers, or restaurant operators. Guests can conveniently pay and depart at their leisure, waitstaff have more time to provide personalized service, and managers or owners gain valuable insights from data, such as identifying top-performing servers and pinpointing areas for improvement in the dining experience.”

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