Nespresso Injects $20M to Revitalize Congo’s Specialty Coffee

Nespresso Commits $20 Million Investment to Revive Specialty Coffee in the Democratic Republic of Congo by 2026

Nespresso has announced a significant investment of USD 20 million in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) aimed at rejuvenating the specialty coffee industry by 2026. This substantial investment will encompass various aspects, including coffee purchases, offering price premiums, providing technical assistance, initiating community projects, and facilitating access to global markets for coffee farmers. Additionally, Nespresso aims to raise an additional USD 20 million to further support coffee-growing communities in the Kivu region of the DRC. This endeavor is part of Nespresso’s Reviving Origins program, which was established a decade ago to revive coffee production in regions facing threats to its sustainability.

Guillaume Le Cunff, CEO of Nespresso, expressed the company’s vision, stating, “Kivu possesses the potential to emerge as one of the world’s leading coffee regions, despite enduring formidable challenges in recent years. Through our Reviving Origins program, we are deeply engaged with Congolese farmers, collaborating with a range of partners, including the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI)/ASILI, TechnoServe, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), The Global Environment Facility (GEF), Clarmondial, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and Virunga Coffee, to rejuvenate Kivu and establish it as a prominent source of top-tier Arabica coffee.”

In the 1980s, coffee stood as the DRC’s second most vital export, with its produce garnering global acclaim. However, the industry witnessed a decline in supply during the early 2000s due to prolonged instability, inflicting severe setbacks. The launch of the Nespresso Reviving Origins program in the DRC in 2020 has played a pivotal role in revitalizing coffee production, particularly in the Lake Kivu region.

William Warshauer, CEO of TechnoServe, emphasized Nespresso’s profound commitment to Kivu, highlighting the transformative impact of coffee on local communities. He remarked, “Nespresso’s steadfast commitment to Kivu is fostering enduring change across the region. Collaborating to equip farmers with essential knowledge and market access has demonstrated the profound potential of coffee in Kivu. We anticipate that this initiative will serve as an inspiration for other companies to invest in the region.”

Abraham Leno, Executive Director of the Eastern Congo Initiative, shared insights into the tangible benefits resulting from their collaboration with Nespresso. He stated, “Since our partnership commenced, significant infrastructure developments, including a substantial health center and comprehensive water system, have been established in the farming community of Minova. Today, our medical team provides essential services, including safe childbirth assistance and preparing hundreds of children for school. Over 22,000 individuals from the local community now have access to clean water, crucially supporting thousands of families displaced by violence. With Nespresso’s ongoing support, we aim to expand these efforts, ensuring sustainable access to clean water and healthcare.”

Nespresso’s sustainable coffee sourcing initiative, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, serves as the cornerstone of the Reviving Origins program. For two decades, the AAA Program has fostered robust partnerships with coffee farmers worldwide, promoting environmental conservation and community resilience in coffee-growing landscapes. Nespresso plans to extend the AAA Program to the DRC, assisting farmers in implementing regenerative practices such as crop diversification, soil health improvement, stump removal, and agroforestry. Additionally, through the AAA Program, Nespresso will introduce a biodiversity tracking tool tailored to the unique birdlife of the DRC.

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