PAR Data Central Sole Food & Inventory Manager for Love’s Stops

A global leader in restaurant technology, specializing in unified commerce solutions for enterprise restaurants, has announced a significant partnership. Love’s Travel Stops, with its expansive network encompassing renowned brands such as Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Arby’s, Bojangles, Taco John’s, Love’s Deli, Dairy Queen, Back40, Naf Naf, Subway, Godfather’s, BB Subs, and Chester’s across the United States, has selected PAR Data Central® as its exclusive Enterprise Food Management Solution provider. This strategic alliance underscores Love’s dedication to streamlining back-office operations and enhancing customer experiences across its diverse portfolio.

By integrating PAR Data Central’s Food and Inventory Management Solution into its stores and travel stops, Love’s aims to optimize food cost tracking, improve reporting efficiency, and centralize operational processes. Margaret Barnes, operations lead at Love’s, emphasized the transformative impact of Data Central on their operations, empowering teams to make data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency and profitability. With streamlined processes and robust reporting features, Love’s is better equipped to meet evolving customer needs while optimizing operational resources.

The seamless integration of PAR Data Central into multiple POS systems enables Love’s to maintain its existing tech stack, providing a unified platform for managing food costs across its entire network. This capability allows Love’s to efficiently process all food-related expenses within a single, intuitive system.

Steve Chitsey, manager of business systems for Love’s, highlighted Data Central’s adaptability and seamless integration capabilities, revolutionizing operations and positioning the company for future growth and success. The efficiency gains have been remarkable, enabling teams to focus more on delivering exceptional service to customers.

Savneet Singh, CEO of PAR Technology, expressed dedication to delivering tangible results for customers, underscoring the value of Data Central in reshaping how businesses manage their operations and enhancing their competitive edge. The partnership between PAR and Love’s signifies a commitment to innovation and operational excellence in the restaurant industry.

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