Pringles Introduces New Puffed Snack Pringles Mingles

Pringles® has taken its iconic crisps to a whole new dimension with the launch of Pringles Mingles, a puffed snack experience that transforms their beloved flavors into a light and airy format perfect for sharing. This innovative new line-up, a first for Pringles, promises a delightful melt-in-your-mouth sensation with every bite.

The Pringles Mingles come in a bowtie-style shape inspired by the brand’s signature figure, Mr. P, and offer a unique blend of two classic Pringles flavors in each puff. These snacks are crispy on the outside and boast a satisfyingly airy texture inside.

The initial launch features three exciting flavor combinations:

  • Pringles® Mingles Cheddar & Sour Cream: A harmonious mix of buttery cheddar cheese and tangy sour cream that’s sure to leave you wanting more.
  • Pringles® Mingles Sharp White Cheddar & Ranch: Sharp white cheddar meets zesty buttermilk and herb ranch for the perfect balance of cheesiness and tanginess.
  • Pringles® Mingles Dill Pickle & Ranch: Zesty dill pickle paired with creamy ranch for a tantalizing flavor experience.

Mauricio Jenkins, US marketing lead for Pringles, emphasized that while the iconic Pringles can remains a core part of their identity, the introduction of Pringles Mingles reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving preferences of their fans. The shareable packaging makes it easy for friends and family to enjoy these snacks together, whether at home, at a party, or on-the-go

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