Prioritizing Supplier Diversity Giant Food Leads as First Traditional Grocer to Introduce Shelf Label Tags

Beneath the Aisles: Giant Food’s Commitment to Supplier Diversity

In the bustling aisles of grocery stores, each product holds a story of aspiration and community. At Giant Food, a prominent local brand in the U.S., this narrative extends beyond mere commerce. Here, the team endeavors to weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into the very fabric of their operations, prioritizing and encouraging supplier diversity. In December 2020, Giant Food made waves as the inaugural traditional grocer to introduce shelf label tags across all 164 of their stores, a pioneering move in the industry. Fast forward to 2023, the brand had curated a selection of 1,665 products from 194 certified suppliers, a testament to their unwavering commitment.

To delve deeper into this initiative, we spoke with Jamie Joshua, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager at Giant Food. Jamie’s role encompasses a spectrum of responsibilities, including close collaboration with affinity groups and Business Resource Groups (BRGs) to shape programming and initiatives. Working alongside functional leads and their teams, Jamie spearheads efforts to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into the company’s ethos, fostering a culture where these values reign supreme.

But how does Giant Food prioritize sourcing products from diverse-owned suppliers? According to Jamie, the process entails seamless collaboration between vendor partners and the Supplier Diversity team at Peapod Digital Labs. Together, they identify opportunities to bring diverse suppliers into the fold, spotlighting certified businesses like Tea Drops, Mocktail Club, and Michele’s Granola, all helmed by women entrepreneurs. Yet, Giant Food’s support extends beyond product-centric ventures, encompassing service providers like Brand Pride and Emtrain, both certified women-owned enterprises.

Building meaningful, enduring relationships with diverse suppliers lies at the heart of Giant Food’s ethos. The perpetuation of shelf label tags since their inception in 2020 underscores this commitment, facilitating customer recognition of product creators and fostering trust with vendors aligned with the brand’s values. Moreover, Giant Food leverages cultural heritage months to amplify the visibility of diverse suppliers, exemplified by initiatives like the Black History Month endcap featuring Black-owned businesses.

The fruits of this labor are evident in Giant Food’s enriched product offerings, heightened customer engagement, and enhanced competitiveness. In an era where conscientious shopping is paramount, customers gravitate towards products promoting health, diversity, and sustainability. Giant Food’s embrace of supplier diversity, evidenced by their extensive selection and pioneering shelf label tags, not only caters to evolving consumer preferences but also fosters discovery and empowerment among its clientele.

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