Restaurant Brands International Inc. Announces Revised Member Reporting

TORONTO,Jan. 8, 2024/ PRNewswire/- Restaurant Brands InternationalInc.(” RBI”,” the Company”)( TSX QSR)( NYSE QSR)( TSX QSP) moment blazoned details of its shift in reportable parts and description of member income.

Beginning with the fourth quarter and time ended December 31, 2023, RBI’ll report results under five reportable parts( 1) Tim Hortons(” TH”);( 2) Burger King(” BK”);( 3) Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen(” PLK”);( 4) Firehouse Subs(” FHS”); and( 5) International(” INTL”). The TH, BK, PLK and FHS parts include results from each brands’ operations in the United States and Canada. INTL includes consolidated results from each brands’ operations outside of the United States and Canada. This shift in reportable parts reflects how RBI’s leadership intends to oversee and manage the business going forward.

In addition, RBI has transitioned its description of member income from Acclimated EBITDA to Acclimated Operating Income(” AOI”). Unlike Acclimated EBITDA, AOI includes deprecation and amortization( banning ballot agreement amortization) as well as share- grounded compensation andnon-cash incitement compensation expenditure. RBI’ll continue to report Acclimated EBITDA on a consolidated and member position base for supplemental purposes.

Josh Kobza, Chief Executive Officer of RBI reflected,” Our advertisement moment reflects how I plan to oversee and manage our business moving forward. We’ve four amazing brands being led by five ambitious leaders across our home requests and transnational. I’m agitated to give them with indeed lesser autonomy over their strategic opinions so they can move snappily to accelerate growth.”

Matthew Dunnigan, Chief Financial Officer added,” Our business leaders are prioritizing investments that will drive long- term growth and seductive returns for our shareholders. Our transition to Acclimated Operating Income will give increased focus on all the operating charges associated with these investments and add lesser responsibility for delivering strong returns through profitability growth over time.”

The Company has included supplemental unaudited information containing 11 diggings of literal fiscal and functional criteria ( from the first quarter of 2021 through the third quarter of 2023) for these five reportable parts in this press release, in a Form 8- K published moment and in an excel train posted fresh details on each member are included in the supplemental information below. The supplemental unaudited literal business member information doesn’t represent a paraphrase or reissuance of preliminarily issued fiscal statements and relates entirely to member donation with no effect on preliminarily reported consolidated results.

The Company will report under these parts and with its new member income description beginning with its results for the fourth quarter and time ended December 31, 2023 which will be blazoned before request open on February 13, 2024.
About Restaurant Brands InternationalInc.
Restaurant Brands InternationalInc. is one of the world’s largest quick service eatery companies with over$ 40 billion in periodic system-wide deals and over 30,000 caffs
in further than 100 countries. RBI owns four of the world’s most prominent and iconic quick service eatery brands – TIM HORTONS ®, BURGER KING ®, POPEYES ®, and FIREHOUSE SUBS ®. These singly operated brands have been serving their separate guests, franchisees and communities for decades. Through its Restaurant Brands for Good frame, RBI is perfecting sustainable issues related to its food, the earth, and people and communities. To learn further about RBI, please visit the company’s

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