Superbrewed Food Boosts Sales, Sparks Hunt for Bigger Production Site

Superbrewed Food, a leading provider of premium, environmentally conscious nutrition products, has made a significant announcement regarding its operational strategy. The company has finalized the sale of its manufacturing facility in Little Falls, Minnesota, and is actively considering alternative locations for conversion to accommodate increased production capacity, specifically aimed at meeting the surging demand for its Postbiotic Cultured Protein offerings.

The first quarter of the year has been exceptionally strong for Superbrewed, marked by significant milestones in the commercialization of its pioneering Postbiotic Cultured Protein food ingredient. Notably, the period commenced with the granting of a pivotal patent covering the composition and utilization of bacterial biomass ingredients in foods. Subsequently, the company solidified a manufacturing partnership with Döhler, slated to yield initial commercial volumes for the US market this year. Furthermore, in March, Superbrewed obtained FDA approval for the utilization of Postbiotic Cultured Protein across a wide spectrum of food applications.

Looking ahead, Superbrewed has already secured sales bookings extending into 2027, surpassing the capacity allocated through its existing manufacturing partnership. This development underscores the necessity for expanding production capabilities to meet burgeoning demand. Julie Post-Smith, Chief of Commercial at Superbrewed, remarked, “These purchase orders represent just a fraction of the potential applications for Postbiotic Cultured Protein in the US market. Concurrently, we are cultivating interest among a diverse array of customers spanning various food sectors, particularly in evolving markets such as Europe, where regulatory pathways are rapidly evolving.”

In light of these factors, Superbrewed has opted to explore alternative sites within the US conducive to accommodating larger-scale production volumes than those achievable through the planned retrofit in Little Falls. Bryan Tracy, CEO of Superbrewed, expressed satisfaction with the enthusiastic reception of Postbiotic Cultured Protein among global clientele, stating, “The positive response from customers worldwide reaffirms our commitment to exploring options for enhanced and expedited production capacity. As such, we are actively assessing alternative site locations capable of supporting more substantial production capabilities at an accelerated pace.”

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