Syngenta Advances Global Decarbonization, EPA Recognizes U.S. Site

Syngenta Group, a global leader in agricultural technology, has announced that its manufacturing facility in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a top user of green power. The facility is the only one in the agricultural sector to be included in the EPA’s National Top 100 List of green power users.

This recognition underscores Syngenta’s ongoing commitment to decarbonize its operations worldwide. Dr. Tom Gray, Head of Active Ingredient Strategy and Operations at Syngenta Group, expressed pride in the EPA’s recognition, highlighting the company’s efforts to source renewable electricity globally and reduce its carbon footprint. Collaboration with partners throughout the supply chain is also emphasized to achieve these goals.

The St. Gabriel site, known for its advanced manufacturing capabilities, consumes over 150 million kWh of energy annually, equivalent to the usage of 14,000 homes. By purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates, the site demonstrates its reliance on renewable energy sources like wind and solar, offsetting its fossil fuel-based electricity consumption entirely.

James Critchfield, Program Manager of EPA’s Green Power Partnership, commended organizations like Syngenta for their commitment to environmental stewardship and business sustainability.

Internationally, Syngenta has invested in sustainability initiatives across its production sites. For instance, the Monthey site in Switzerland utilizes hydropower and recovers heat from waste incineration, earning recognition for its carbon reduction efforts. Similarly, sites in Brazil and China have achieved carbon neutrality and implemented energy-efficient practices.

Syngenta remains dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing sustainability in its operations. The company’s focus on innovation and sustainable practices aims to support farmers in adapting to climate change while promoting a more sustainable agricultural sector. An internal function focused on Sustainable Operations will drive these initiatives forward, signaling Syngenta’s long-term commitment to environmental responsibility.

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