Toronto Chosen as Host for 2024 Aramark International Chefs’ Cup

Aramark, a global leader in food services and facilities management, announced today that it will hold the Aramark International Chefs’ Cup 2024 in the vibrant city of Toronto from June 11 to 13, 2024, at Cirillo’s Culinary Academy.

The Aramark International Chefs’ Cup is more than just a competition; it is a celebration of culinary excellence. The event brings together Chef of the Year winners from Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Chile, China, Korea, Germany, Czechia, Spain, and Belgium, showcasing the best talent Aramark has to offer. These talented chefs will demonstrate their skills, creativity, and passion for gastronomy.

“The International Chefs’ Cup is a showcase of our worldwide culinary talent,” said Carl Mittleman, COO of Aramark International. “Every chef involved has advanced to this level by competing to be the best in their respective countries, and I look forward to supporting them all in Toronto.”

Competition Format

The competition emphasizes creativity and the use of local ingredients. Each participating chef will prepare a full-course dinner for four, including a plant-based starter, a main dish, and a dessert. All ingredients must be sourced from a specially curated basket, promoting local produce and sustainable practices.

Chefs will select their ingredients and define their menus one day prior to the competition, with two hours allocated for mise en place preparation. On the day of the competition, contestants will have three hours to bring their culinary visions to life, demonstrating their technical skills and ability to innovate on the spot.

An accomplished jury of experts in both technical skill and taste will evaluate the chefs’ work. The jury includes:

  • Joseph Shawana (Professor and Indigenous Culinary Advisor at Centennial College)
  • Marissa Leon-John (Brand Owner of ELLE JAY’S and two-time MasterChef Canada alumni)
  • Suman Ali-Sayed (Founder of House of Khaleej and Professor at Humber College)
  • Kyla Tuori (Corporate Chef for Unilever Food Solutions in Canada)
  • Lisa Lafond (Corporate Chef for Permul Foodservice Equipment)
  • Kevin Pelissier (National Corporate Chef at RATIONAL Canada)
  • John Cirillo (Founder of Cirillo’s Culinary Academy, coach, and gold medalist at the World Culinary Olympics)
  • Dan Frenette (Territory Manager and Corporate Chef for W.D. College and Owner of Northern Touch)
  • Carmello Vadacchino (Corporate Chef and Brand Ambassador for Food Supplies Inc. and winner of the 2024 IKA World Culinary Olympics)
  • Yudith Rosen (Vice President of Operations with Aramark Chile)

The grand finale on June 13th will culminate in the awarding of medals to the first, second, and third-place chefs, celebrating their exceptional talent and dedication to their craft.

“Canada is thrilled to host the Aramark International Chefs’ Cup,” said Steven Prisco, President and CEO of Aramark Canada. “We hope everyone involved enjoys the thrill of the competition and the opportunity to work with colleagues from around the world.”

The Aramark International Chefs’ Cup 2024 promises to be a remarkable event, showcasing the pinnacle of culinary talent and innovation. As chefs from across the globe converge in Toronto, they will not only compete for the prestigious title but also exemplify the spirit of international culinary excellence. Aramark looks forward to celebrating this grand event and the extraordinary achievements of its chefs.

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