Tractor Supply Company and Martha Stewart Unveil New Garden Wear Collection for Spring

Tractor Supply Company (NASDAQ: TSCO), the leading rural lifestyle retailer in the United States, has announced an exciting expansion in its women’s apparel line. Partnering with Martha Stewart, Marquee Brands, and French Dressing Jeans Inc., Tractor Supply is proud to introduce the Martha Stewart Garden Apparel Line. This collaboration aims to offer consumers a blend of style and functionality tailored to the outdoor enthusiast.

The Martha Stewart Garden Apparel Line debuts with a curated selection of eight clothing items, including essentials like the Garden Chore Jacket, Garden Work Shirt, Short Sleeve Puffer Vest, Cargo Convertible Pants, and Convertible Overalls. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to combine practicality with personal flair, catering to the diverse needs of modern gardeners who embrace the outdoor lifestyle.

Martha Stewart herself expresses enthusiasm for the collection, stating, “This new line of apparel reflects my passion for gardening and outdoor work, so I am thrilled to share it with consumers.” Emphasizing the importance of creativity and hard work in gardening, Stewart believes the collection embodies both artistry and functionality, offering ease to those dedicated to nurturing beautiful gardens.

The launch of the Martha Stewart Garden Apparel Line marks Tractor Supply’s commitment to providing its rural customers with top brands and exceptional quality. Seth Estep, Chief Merchandising Officer at Tractor Supply Company, underscores the significance of women’s apparel in gardening, stating, “This launch with Martha Stewart is the perfect way for us to bring fashion and function to our gardening customers, with great new styles and products our customers can’t get anywhere else.”

Helaine Peters, President of French Dressing Jeans Inc., expresses excitement about the partnership, noting, “From seasoned cultivators to those new to the hobby, gardeners will love Martha’s Garden Apparel Collection.” With Tractor Supply serving as the ideal retail partner for this endeavor, the collection is poised to meet the needs of gardening enthusiasts nationwide.

To explore the full Martha Stewart Garden Apparel Line at Tractor Supply, visit: Tractor Supply Martha Stewart Collection. These items are available in select Tractor Supply stores and online.

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