Transforming Lives Through Enhanced Water Ex-Fortune 500 Executives and Scientists Unveil Innovative Ingredient Brand

A groundbreaking startup, Hydrosome Labs, has emerged with a distinguished team comprising scientists, advisors, and industry leaders from renowned entities like Nestle, Chobani, Procter & Gamble, Argonne National Labs, and Goldman Sachs. Their innovative venture focuses on a natural and chemical-free process that enhances the potential of water through the cutting-edge science of ultrafine bubbles. This revolutionary technique facilitates the more efficient and comprehensive delivery of active ingredients to cells.

The commercial applications of this technology are vast, ranging from fostering faster and healthier plant growth with reduced fertilizer usage, to enhancing nutrient absorption in skincare products, and delivering superior hydration in performance beverages. Additionally, it optimizes precision fermentations, offering a wide array of benefits across industries. Hydrosome Labs anticipates that its breakthrough will establish a new paradigm in ingredient branding for companies utilizing water as a carrier for active compounds.

The company emphasizes the multifaceted advantages of its discovery, highlighting benefits for consumers, manufacturers, and investors alike. Moreover, it underscores the sustainability aspect, enabling manufacturers to achieve more with less, reduce chemical usage, minimize environmental impact, and streamline supply chains.

Hydrosome Labs has recently concluded a seed funding round and is poised to finalize a Series A round this spring. Furthermore, it is set to announce a licensing deal with a major beauty company renowned for its innovative technologies in the coming months. This partnership heralds the recognition of Hydrosome’s ultrafine bubble technology as a groundbreaking advancement in skincare formulation.

Traditionally, water has served as a passive ingredient in beauty products, but with Hydrosome, it transforms into a functional ingredient and active delivery system. This innovation enhances the efficacy and performance of skincare formulations, offering a spectrum of benefits ranging from wrinkle reduction to improved firmness, elasticity, and hydration.

With an estimated total market exceeding $180 billion in the categories it’s entering, Hydrosome Labs adopts a branded ingredient and royalty model, featuring the “Hydrosome H2O” logo on packaging and in marketing materials. The water is produced at licensee factories using scalable equipment provided by Hydrosome Labs, facilitating integration with existing water treatment systems.

Paul Gadbut, CEO of Hydrosome Labs, elucidates the transformative potential of their technology, drawing parallels to historical advancements in natural substances. The core of their innovation lies in a novel process that leverages established science to enhance water’s ability to deliver active ingredients to cells effectively and efficiently.

Hydrosome’s ultrafine bubbles, known as “Hydrosomes,” possess distinct properties, including significantly higher surface area, extended shelf life, superior delivery of active ingredients, and sustainability. Backed by over 100 scientific studies, human trials, and collaborations with esteemed institutions, the company holds multiple granted patents and anticipates continued success in the market with its unique and long-lasting properties.

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