Tyson Foods Opens Innovative New Completely- Cooked Food Production Plant in Virginia to Drive Business Growth

Tyson Foods Opens Innovative New Completely- Cooked Food Production Plant in Virginia to Drive Business Growth
Tyson Foods has officially opened a new$ 300 million completely- cooked food product installation in Danville, Virginia, delivering on its strategy of accelerating long- term growth, operating as efficiently as possible and investing in its flesh business. It’s one of the company’s most- automated shops to date, marking the deployment of invention aviators and prototypes at scale.

The 325,000- forecourt- bottom installation represents a significant investment in the original community and will produce roughly four million pounds of ultraexpensive quality, completely- cooked flesh products daily to meet the adding demand for iconic Tyson ® brand products, both in retail and foodservice.

Located in the Cane Creek Centre, a original business demesne possessed by the City of Danville and Pittsylvania County, the installation has created nearly 400 new jobs for the southeastern Virginia region.

prints and b- roll of the Danville installation can be downloaded then)

“ Danville represents a significant commitment to the region and we take our responsibility to enhance the communities where we live and work seriously. This factory is also a significant step toward our ongoing thing of functional excellence by investing in innovative technology and robotization, ” said Donnie King, chairman and CEO, Tyson Foods. “ This installation delivers on our commitment to icing stylish in class service for our guests and accelerating our long- term growth. ”

Assiduity-first technology at Danville
The Danville installation is one of the company’s most largely- automated shops to date, featuring high- speed automated case packing lines and high- speed robotic case palletizing units. The technology helps to maximize functional effectiveness and increase overall platoon member safety. It also includes a product examination process that incorporates essence discovery,X-ray and vision grading to insure consumers admit high- quality products.

The Danville installation is the company’s first at- scale integration of wearable armband bias to ameliorate worker health, safety and productivity. The award- winning result, for every frontline platoon member, integrates technology featuring detectors that bear environmental data to safety directors to more identify threat exposures.

“ The combination of our platoon and technology at Danville will strengthen our capability to more meet demand for retail and foodservice completely- cooked Tyson brand products, ” said Wes Morris, group chairman, Poultry, Tyson Foods. “ The Danville factory incorporates the rearmost technology that brings real- time intelligence to our processes, products and plant experience for platoon members. ”

“ The new Danville factory by Tyson Foods means nearly 400 new jobs for Virginians in Southside in a modernized terrain erected for the 21st century, ” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “ The Commonwealth’s business climate, structure, and professed pool grease a long- term cooperation with Tyson Foods, and we thank the company for reinvesting in Virginia with its operation in Danville- Pittsylvania County. ”

Tyson Foods works diligently to insure platoon members have the tools and coffers they need to be successful. The company has partnered with Danville Community College to produce a conservation Technology training program to support the growing field of artificial conservation with competitive pay and numerous openings throughout the company.

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