VIking Malt Collaborates with Improvin’ to Mitigate Supply Chain Emissions in Barley Production

Viking Malt Collaborates with Improvin’ to Achieve Sustainable Farming Practices and Emission Reductions

Viking Malt has established Science Based Targets, aiming for a 42% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 & 2) by 2030. Despite this, 87% of the company’s total emissions are Scope 3 emissions from suppliers, primarily on-farm. Recognizing the importance of supporting its customers with Scope 3 reduction targets, Viking Malt is dedicated to collaborating with stakeholders throughout the supply chain to identify and implement emission reduction strategies.

Working with farmers in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, and Lithuania, Viking Malt has been actively seeking ways to measure and decrease emissions. Annika Wilhelmson, VP of Sustainability, Innovation & Marketing at Viking Malt Group, emphasizes the pivotal role of farmers in their sustainability journey. The introduction of a new platform empowers over 1200 farmers across Europe to engage in climate-smart and sustainable farming, allowing the tracking and validation of the impact of their practices in real-time.

The platform provides Viking Malt with comprehensive insights into the sustainability performance of farms, laying the groundwork for sustainable farming initiatives where growers can adjust practices based on real-time data feedback. The scalable data collection simplifies farmer reporting, emphasizing the company’s desire for farmers to focus on sustainable and profitable agriculture rather than extensive reporting.

Viking Malt’s new platform equips them with a verified ingredient footprint, biodiversity data, and supply chain insights to be shared with their network of breweries, distilleries, and food manufacturers. The company expects this transparency to catalyze positive change throughout the industry. Annika concludes that success in sustainable food and beverage production requires collaboration not only within but beyond their value chain. Viking Malt aims to lead and inspire partners and customers on this collective journey.

Niklas Wallsargård, CEO of Improvin’, expresses pride and excitement in collaborating with Viking Malt, recognizing the family company’s deep commitment to driving sustainable impact through their products. Together, the companies aim to bring meaningful change to the industry

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