Whipnotic ® Celebrates public Whipped Cream Day with Sweet Expansion into Hundreds of Kroger Stores Across America

Whipnotic ® Celebrates public Whipped Cream Day with Sweet Expansion into Hundreds of Kroger Stores Across America
Whipnotic, the innovative whipped cream brand putting a sweet spin on a classic indulgence, celebrates public Whipped Cream Day( January 5th) proudly publicizing expanded distribution into further than 300 Kroger stores. On its way to creaming the competition, this major retail expansion marks a significant scale- up across 28 countries for the family- possessed brand, continuing to transfigure a dateless order. Whipnotic’s four whipped cream flavors are formerly available in stores civil and online atWhipnotic.com.

“ Kroger shoppers are food trend setters, who love quality, superior constituents and heightened flavor; we ca n’t stay to see what they whip up with Whipnotic! ” said WhipnoticCo-founder and President Tracy Luckow, who holds a PhD in sensitive Science and Nutrition. “ A curve of various whipped cream dyads impeccably with so numerous Kroger addict pets throughout the store, from ice cream and cutlet to coffee, hot cocoa and coliseums brimming with berries. ”

Whipnotic, which lately won a SATA Innovation award, is the only whipped cream brand to put a various curve of flavor at your fingertips, thanks to patented technology. A simple press of the Whipnotic snoot releases a glowing mix of all-natural, fruit- invested color and flavor into a succulent, decadent cream for an aesthetic at- home delight right from the fridge. This mouth- soddening treat is deliciously KETO-friendly, gluten-free, artificial flavor-free and has only 15 calories and 1 gram of sugar per decadent serving.

“ Consumers are reimagining the part of whipped cream in their lives with Whipnotic, ” said WhipnoticCo-founder and CEO Lori Gitomer. “ Unlike traditional whipped cream, generally reserved for special occasions, Whipnotic has proven to be incremental to the order, embraced as a diurnal delight, which is why our brand is dealing doubly as numerous units, per store, per week than the order normal. We ’re thrilled Kroger sees the implicit too. We know the sky is the limit. ”

Whipnotic launched last summer and has seen exponential growth, fleetly outpacing challengers, both traditional and beginners. This expansion more than doubles Whipnotic’s retail reach, adding vacuity of Whipnotic Vanilla interspersed Caramel and Strawberry Swirl flavors at Kroger stores throughout Atlanta, Cincinnati, Columbus, Michigan, Louisville, Mississippi, Nashville and the MidAtlantic region. Whipnotic’s bright and various packaging stands out on shelf and its four mouth- soddening flavors( including Brownie Batter and Peach Mango) have come fast pets with suckers who keep coming back for further.

Whipnotic adds a delicate subcaste to the formerly frothy whipped cream order which is estimated at$1.3 billion in retail and another$ 1 billion in food service growing double integers in the once time according to Nielsen. seasoned whipped cream is leading that growth as consumers turn to the KETO-friendly, low carb, low sugar, sweet treats for diurnal delight.

Whipnotic’s mouth- soddening magic comes courtesy of a patented snoot designed by the two sisters andco-founders Tracy Luckow and Lori Gitomer, determined to add further flavor and fun to a cherished indulgence that has seen little invention in nearly 100 times. The company holds a global patent with further than 30 claims for the breakthrough packaging invention which enables a stoner to control the combination of two different flavors, colors, textures, or constituents for an elevated, on- demand experience.

About Whipnotic
Whipnotic, the concoction of two visionary sisters, is flipping the assiduity on its can, taking the cate
and libation world by storm with its revolutionary approach to whipped cream. A simple press of Whipnotic’s innovative patented snoot technology unfurls a curve of all-natural fruit authorities and flavor essentialities invested into rich whipped cream.

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