Wingstop Reintroduces Hot Honey Rub for Your Valentine’s Day Delight

Wingstop enthusiasts, who have unabashedly expressed their adoration for the Hot Honey Rub, rejoice! Since its last tantalizing appearance on menus in July, the fervor for this beloved dry rub has only intensified. Now, in a gesture of affection towards its devoted fans, Wingstop is reintroducing Hot Honey nationwide for a limited time, starting on Valentine’s Day – a heartfelt declaration that Wingstop truly cherishes its flavor aficionados.

Unlike the conventional sticky honey, Wingstop’s rendition of Hot Honey presents a delectable dry rub experience, combining the sweetness of honey with a bold infusion of cayenne pepper and ancho chili for an irresistible kick. This tantalizing flavor can be expertly applied to a variety of offerings, including hand sauced-and-tossed chicken sandwiches, classic wings, boneless wings, or tenders, ensuring a memorable culinary experience with every bite.

Michael Skipworth, President & CEO, expressed the company’s sentiment, stating, “Our fans have made their voices heard, and we have listened attentively. The unwavering passion for Wingstop’s Hot Honey Rub is undeniable. As a token of our appreciation to our beloved fans this Valentine’s Day, we are delighted to bring back Hot Honey for a limited time.”

For those seeking to savor this delectable flavor without braving the holiday dinner crowds, Wingstop offers the convenience of free delivery* through and the Wingstop app.

Enthusiastic fans are encouraged to spread the love for Hot Honey across social media platforms by tagging the Flavor Experts on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook using @wingstop. Wingstop’s Hot Honey Rub will be available at participating locations in the U.S., but enthusiasts are advised to seize the opportunity while supplies last.

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