Yosemite Hospitality Announces Significant Reduction of Single- Use Plastics in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Hospitality Announces Significant Reduction of Single- Use Plastics in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Hospitality, a attachment of Aramark( NYSE ARMK) and the authorized concessioner of Yosemite National Park, moment blazoned significant triumphs in its trouble to remove single- use plastic bottles from its retail and dining establishments. All potables packaged in single- use plastic bottles have been replaced with druthers
that use glass or aluminum packaging – accoutrements that are far more recyclable and else environmentally preferable than their plastic counterparts.

“ Starting 2023 without single- use plastic bottles was a huge step forward in our sustainability sweats and delivers on our commitment to be great servants of this inconceivable demesne, ” said Weston Spiegl, Vice President of Operations, Yosemite Hospitality. “ We’re proud of the work we’ve done with our mates to make the transition to further environmentally friendly options and are thrilled at the strides we’re making in our sustainability practices. ”

In addition to the junking of single- use plastic bottles, Yosemite Hospitality has enforced the following major shifts and innovative waste- reduction enterprise to exclude the use of single- use plastics in Yosemite National Park, well ahead of theU.S. government’s timeline to ban single- use plastics deals on public lands and public premises by 2032

· Replaced the disposable plastic serape used in storehouse operations with heavy- duty, applicable pallet wraps, barring 780,000 square bases of plastic waste annually

· Replaced heist- and- go sandwich, salad, and snack packaging with all compostable accoutrements – which are composted in cooperation with Mariposa County Solid Waste & Recycling – leading to a projected junking of 5,000 pounds of plastic annually

· Replaced cardboard pizza boxes with lower waste, compostable paper bags, barring further than 100,000 pizza boxes from the waste sluice annually

· Replaced polystyrene froth meat servers and popular plastic- wrapped s’mores accoutrements with compostable packaging druthers
throughout grocery and retail operations

· Replaced all in- room single- use coffee capsules in The Ahwahnee with recyclable Nespresso ® capsules

· excluded deals of all single- use propane drums and replaced them with Little Kamper brand refillable druthers

Promoting planetary health is a central element of Aramark’s Be Well. Do Well. environmental, social, and commercial governance platform and a core value of Yosemite Hospitality. With a strategic focus on reducing its environmental footmark through innovative results that promote waste mitigation, responsible sourcing, energy and water conservation, and transportation edge, Yosemite Hospitality works every day to produce a better world for the coming generation.

moment’s advertisement aligns with Aramark’s global thing to bed circularity across its operations and, specifically, to mainly reduce our reliance on single- use plastics and other disposables
Yosemite Hospitality, a attachment of Aramark, operates lodging, food and libation, retail, recreational conditioning, tenures, illuminative programs, transportation, and service stations under contract with theU.S. Department of Interior with a focus on delivering authentic and memorable guest gests . Yosemite Hospitality is committed to furnishing demesne stewardship in collaboration with the National Park Service in trouble to cover and save the demesne for millions of demesne callers to enjoy.

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