Advancing ‘Be Well. Do Well.’ for People and the Planet

Aramark’s Progress in ‘Be Well. Do Well.’ for People and the Planet

In January 2024, Aramark published its latest update on the ‘Be Well. Do Well.’ initiative, highlighting significant achievements across various commitment areas from the previous year. The company remains dedicated to advancing environmental sustainability, enhancing responsible sourcing practices, fostering community engagement, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and earning notable recognitions for its efforts.

Environmental Sustainability: Aramark expanded its commitment to reducing food-related greenhouse gas emissions by joining New York City’s Plant-Powered Carbon Challenge. They have also increased the number of certified Coolfood meal recipes and launched a new plant-based concept.

Responsible Sourcing: The company published a global cage-free egg roadmap and updated its broiler chicken welfare roadmap. They continue to expand initiatives like the BIPOC Farmer Purchasing Program and awarded grants to support regenerative agriculture.

Community: Throughout the year, Aramark has engaged in over 350 community projects, involving over 6,300 employee volunteers across 12 countries. They have supported numerous nonprofit organizations and contributed meals and meal kits to those in need.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Aramark launched educational series and initiatives to support cultural celebrations and career development, including partnerships with organizations like the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund and initiatives such as OUTspoken with Pride.

Notable Awards: Aramark received recognition for workplace fairness, community impact, supplier diversity, and sustainability efforts, including awards such as Canada’s Greenest Employers and the Civic 50.

Aramark continues to make strides in its commitment to ‘Be Well. Do Well.’ by integrating sustainability, community support, and DEI principles into its core business practices, reflecting its ongoing dedication to people and the planet.

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