Pilgrim’s Revamps Chicken Nuggets with New Flavors and Brand Identity

Pilgrim’s®, one of America’s leading poultry producers, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative that promises to redefine the chicken market. Introducing a vibrant new product line that caters directly to consumer desires, Pilgrim’s is setting a precedent in the industry. This bold move follows their successful launch during the pandemic, a time when they stepped in to meet demand amid supply chain challenges.

The cornerstone of Pilgrim’s latest endeavor is a fresh brand identity that aims to inject excitement into every freezer aisle. Featuring an array of flavor-packed offerings, complemented by an original song and music video, Pilgrim’s is dedicated to infusing mealtime with energy, fun, and unparalleled taste.

Despite chicken nuggets dominating over 40% of the frozen cooked chicken market, innovation has been lacking, with a staggering 97% of new products merely adjusting pack sizes. Pilgrim’s is on a mission to revitalize this landscape by introducing an enticing lineup that includes Pilgrim’s Loaded Nuggets, Pilgrim’s Ultimate Nuggets, and Pilgrim’s Mini Nuggets. These offerings promise to deliver a crispy, crunchy, juicy, and munchy experience unlike any other.

Sergio Nahuz, President Prepared Foods and CMO at Pilgrim’s US, emphasized the brand’s commitment to combating chicken monotony. “Today’s consumer craves exciting flavors, not boring chicken,” he stated, highlighting Pilgrim’s dedication to reimagining the potential of chicken nuggets.

In a departure from traditional advertising norms, Pilgrim’s has partnered with Jones Knowles Ritchie to create bold new packaging. Additionally, they have collaborated with Terri & Sandy to produce their first-ever original song, “Put It In A Nugget,” a vibrant anthem that underscores their innovative approach. This high-octane campaign promises to capture attention with its creative flair and celebration of Pilgrim’s new taste-forward products.

With these bold steps, Pilgrim’s is poised to lead the way in transforming the chicken nugget market, promising consumers a flavorful journey that breaks away from the mundane.

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