Aramark Celebrates National Garden Month

April marks the annual celebration of National Garden Month, a time to honor the importance of gardens, embrace outdoor enjoyment, and encourage the utilization of fresh produce. Aramark, a leading provider of food services, has embraced this ethos by integrating gardens into its operations, thereby bolstering community support and sustainability endeavors.

Across Aramark’s diverse businesses, gardens have flourished, playing a pivotal role in bolstering local communities and sustainability efforts. From on-site micro-farms providing fresh ingredients for menus to offering gardening resources and education to communities, Aramark is fostering positive change.

A notable example is Revere High School in Massachusetts, which recently introduced a Babylon Micro-Farm, an indoor vertical farming system. Since its inception in September, students have eagerly participated in the planting and harvesting process, with the first crop reaped in October. The visibility of the farm has sparked excitement among students, fostering curiosity about the process and technology involved.

Maria Davis, Aramark Executive Chef at Revere Public Schools, expressed enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its alignment with STEM curriculum and the joy of celebrating each harvest with fresh culinary offerings for students and staff.

The benefits of such initiatives extend beyond mere sustenance. The micro-farm at Revere High School, for instance, helps eliminate food waste by ensuring every leaf is utilized, microgreens are harvested on demand, and herbs and flowers are picked at the peak of freshness.

Similarly, Coors Field, home to the Colorado Rockies, boasts a sustainable garden introduced in 2013 by Aramark Sports + Entertainment. This innovative space, designed to resemble a baseball field, produces an array of vegetables and herbs, supplying fresh ingredients for the ballpark’s menus. Organic soil and recycled irrigation systems further underscore its commitment to sustainability.

At the University of Hartford, Aramark Collegiate Hospitality took the initiative to establish a garden in 2019. Managed by Aramark employees, the garden yields a variety of produce enjoyed by students and local food pantries. Donald Elson, an Aramark employee and passionate gardener, shares his expertise with the campus community, embodying the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Beyond individual projects, Aramark’s Building Community initiative actively supports community gardens nationwide. By investing in grant funding and volunteer efforts, Aramark aims to foster healthy and sustainable initiatives while addressing food insecurity. In 2023 alone, Aramark volunteers planted 15 gardens, exemplifying their commitment to building resilient and vibrant communities.

In essence, Aramark’s embrace of gardening initiatives reflects a broader commitment to community engagement, sustainability, and the promotion of healthy living. Through collaborative efforts and innovative projects, Aramark continues to sow the seeds of positive change, one garden at a time.

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