Aramark Sports Entertainment Broadens Its Consulting Services Division

Aramark Sports + Entertainment, known for its excellence in food and beverage services across premier venues in North America, is unveiling IMMERSE, a new consulting division under its brand. IMMERSE offers bespoke services supported by Fortune 500 insights, featuring a team of industry-leading professionals including data scientists, seasoned operators, and savvy marketers. Their focus is on providing clients with the tools necessary to enhance the fan experience, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth.

Alison Birdwell, President and CEO of Aramark Sports + Entertainment, expressed excitement about IMMERSE’s launch, emphasizing the brand’s longstanding commitment to supporting venue planning. With a rich history of advising partners on strategic transformations, IMMERSE aims to collaborate closely with clients to tailor solutions for creating exceptional hospitality experiences.

IMMERSE provides a comprehensive range of venue-planning services, from research and data analysis to full-scale master planning projects. By leveraging client collaboration and insights, the team crafts customized playbooks tailored to each venue’s goals, integrating key experiential elements such as service styles, menu variety, and innovative technology solutions.

Aramark’s expertise in shaping the fan experience is evident across its portfolio, with notable projects including renovations at major-league venues like PNC Park, PPG Paints Arena, and Paycor Stadium, home of the Cincinnati Bengals. A case study of the Paycor Stadium renovation highlights Aramark’s impact on elevating the gameday experience.

The collaboration between the Bengals and Aramark resulted in a comprehensive renovation focused on enhancing speed of service and expanding culinary offerings. With a fresh look and feel across concession stands, featuring popular brands and local favorites, the renovation aimed to meet fan preferences and drive engagement. Strategic placement of self-order and self-checkout kiosks, along with the addition of destination bars, aimed to improve efficiency and enhance the social experience.

Following the renovation, the Bengals saw significant improvements, including a 35% increase in transactions and a 25% growth in per capita spending at renovated stands. This success underscores the value of Aramark’s partnership in enhancing the overall fan experience.

Overall, IMMERSE represents Aramark Sports + Entertainment’s commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering tailored solutions that drive tangible results for its clients.”

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