Bayer & Huma Heart Risk Tool Now in Saudi Arabia

Bayer, a prominent global life sciences company, and Huma Therapeutics Limited, a leading digital health company, have introduced their groundbreaking heart health screening tool in Saudi Arabia. This launch, following the successful debut of the Bayer Aspirin Heart Health Risk Assessment in the US in 2023, is a significant stride toward supporting Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 national strategy.

The Bayer Aspirin Heart Health Risk Assessment is an exclusively digital tool designed to swiftly assess an individual’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) over the next decade, eliminating the need for invasive blood tests and blood pressure measurements. Huma developed the algorithm using extensive data from over 500,000 individuals in the UK Biobank Dataset spanning 15+ years. Clinical validation conducted by the European Society of Cardiology confirmed the tool’s exceptional predictive accuracy compared to conventional methods.

This initiative in Saudi Arabia is in harmony with Vision 2030’s focus on reducing the clinical and economic impact of cardiovascular disease, a leading cause of mortality in the country. Bayer, driven by its mission of “Health for All, Hunger for None” and its extensive experience in heart health, aims to establish comprehensive programs worldwide for cardiovascular disease prevention and improving access to life-saving solutions.

In addition to the Heart Health Risk Assessment, Huma and Bayer are collaborating on other healthcare initiatives in Saudi Arabia to support Vision 2030. Huma has launched a diabetes care pathway within the Seha Virtual Hospital, an innovative telemedicine platform established by the Saudi Ministry of Health to enhance healthcare access and delivery. Bayer, in partnership with the Saudi Ministry of Health, has committed to screening 1,000,000 at-risk citizens as part of the ‘Protect Your Heart’ campaign.

Moreover, the launch of the Heart Health Risk Assessment aligns with Saudi Arabia’s recently introduced Biotechnology Strategy, which aims to leverage advanced technologies like digital health tools to enhance healthcare outcomes and foster innovation in the healthcare sector.

Dan Vahdat, CEO and Founder of Huma, expressed pride in supporting Saudi Arabia’s healthcare transformation and fostering a healthier future through initiatives like the Heart Health Risk Assessment. Mohamed Galal, Vice President of Middle East and Pakistan at Bayer, highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing cardiovascular diseases in the region. Maged ElShazly, Bayer’s Managing Director & Country Commercial Lead Consumer Health in Saudi Arabia, emphasized the significance of the partnership with Huma in advancing digital health solutions for preventive care.

Looking ahead, Bayer and Huma plan to extend the Heart Health Risk Assessment to Latin America within the next year. This expansion reflects their commitment to leveraging digital health solutions globally to promote early detection and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, ultimately contributing to a healthier future for communities worldwide.

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