Argonne Partners with Moroccan University to Enhance Green Energy Technology and Computing

Argonne National Laboratory and University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P) of Morocco have formalized a partnership through the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU). This agreement aims to foster collaboration in key areas such as green energy technology and the intersection of water and energy.

The MOU signing ceremony took place at UM6P’s campus in Benguerir, with Argonne Laboratory Director Paul Kearns and UM6P President Hicham El Habti signing the document. Kearns expressed enthusiasm about the potential discoveries and innovations that could arise from this partnership, emphasizing the exploration of new scientific frontiers beneficial to both nations.

El Habti highlighted the significance of the agreement in advancing sustainable innovation. The collaboration underscores UM6P’s commitment to advancing research in renewable energy, energy grids, and water management. Together, the institutions aim to harness their combined expertise to develop transformative solutions for local and global communities.

Over the course of five years, the MOU facilitates the exchange of scientific and technical information, publications, and reports between the two institutions. It also includes provisions for organizing meetings and cooperative activities to discuss technical topics. Moreover, the agreement promotes the exchange of scientists, engineers, and specialists to participate in joint meetings and working sessions, with the aim of planning potential collaborative projects.

Green energy technology will be a primary focus area, encompassing energy storage and renewable energy. Advanced battery research, crucial for achieving net-zero emissions goals by 2050, particularly through electric vehicles, is highlighted. Morocco’s phosphoric acid materials hold promise for developing efficient lithium iron phosphate cathodes.

Renewable energy initiatives will also include clean hydrogen, a growing area of interest. Argonne’s participation in the Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen underscores efforts to build a sustainable hydrogen economy, with UM6P set to benefit from shared research findings.

Additionally, the MOU emphasizes advancing research on clean water technologies, particularly relevant for Morocco. Argonne’s expertise in water research, spanning material discovery, sustainable systems, and machine learning applications, will be leveraged to address water contamination challenges.

In summary, the collaboration between Argonne National Laboratory and UM6P represents a significant step towards advancing green energy technologies and addressing global challenges related to water and energy, fostering mutual benefits for both the United States and Morocco.

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