Phytokana Ingredients Inc. Introduces F70 LVC Faba Protein Concentrate

Phytokana Ingredients Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Alberta, has announced a significant advancement in plant-based ingredient technology with the unveiling of its F70 LVC Faba Protein Concentrate. This new product marks a milestone in the integration of agricultural science and cutting-edge automation, resulting in a high-purity concentrate containing 70% protein. Retaining native functionality and boasting superior sensory attributes, the concentrate meets stringent anti-nutritional standards, positioning it for diverse applications in human food.

The F70 LVC Faba Protein Concentrate will be manufactured at Phytokana’s upcoming custom dry fractionation facility in Strathmore, Alberta. This facility will source faba crops from local farmers and utilize advanced processing technologies that preserve native functionality without the use of heat, water, or chemicals. The automated facility will leverage machine learning to ensure consistency in product quality across batches.

Dr. Laure Laval, Chief Innovation Officer at Phytokana, emphasized the company’s rigorous testing of various faba bean varieties and innovative processing technologies. Their goal has been to maintain native functionality while meeting market demands for consistency and addressing anti-nutritional factors, crucial for the widespread adoption of faba in plant-based foods.

Phytokana has collaborated closely with customers to validate applications ranging from alternative meats to non-dairy products. The concentrate demonstrates excellent solubility across pH levels, high emulsification, and gelling properties. Independent taste tests confirm a reduction in bitterness and astringency compared to other faba ingredients, coupled with a white/off-white color suitable for a variety of plant-based food applications.

The design of the processing facility in Strathmore prioritizes environmental sustainability, minimizing emissions and aiming for zero waste. The facility’s location near prime faba bean farming areas ensures minimal transportation emissions and allows for collaboration with farmers on sustainable agriculture practices.

Chris Theal, President & CEO of Phytokana, highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, underscoring their efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of food production while enhancing cost-efficiency for manufacturers.

Phytokana plans to showcase its innovative products, including the F70 LVC Faba Protein Concentrate, at the IFT First Annual Event & Expo in Chicago, providing industry professionals an opportunity to experience their range of faba ingredients.

In anticipation of scaling operations, Phytokana has initiated a Series C capital raise, led by Roth Capital Partners and ATB Capital Markets, aiming to secure approximately C$38 million. Pending the successful conclusion of this funding round, Phytokana plans to seek board approval to proceed with construction of their processing facility.

This strategic expansion underscores Phytokana’s commitment to advancing sustainable food solutions and meeting the evolving needs of the food industry through innovation and operational excellence.

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