Auchan Retail Poland Partners with Ocado Group to Launch ISF Rollout

Auchan Retail Poland (“Auchan”) has announced today that they have successfully integrated the Ocado Smart Platform (OSP) into their operations and are embarking on the deployment of Ocado’s advanced fulfilment software across their network of stores.

The partnership between Ocado Solutions and Auchan, initiated in 2022, aimed to revolutionize Auchan’s online business by leveraging the Ocado Smart Platform (“OSP”). The introduction of Ocado’s In-store Fulfilment (ISF) marks a significant milestone in this collaboration, with plans also underway to establish a Customer Fulfilment Centre (CFC) to serve the Warsaw region.

Szymon Turnau, Director of Digital & E-commerce at Auchan Poland, expressed enthusiasm about the launch of Ocado’s ISF solutions, stating:

“The Ocado Smart Platform is among the most comprehensive and technologically advanced suites of solutions globally. Its implementation will profoundly impact the optimization of our processes and the expansion of our online business, which we have diligently cultivated over the past 13 years. This advancement will enhance shopping convenience and satisfaction for our customers, offering faster deliveries within flexible time frames, while also improving order completeness and quality. Moreover, our online store’s product range will expand to include up to 20,000 products initially, and with the CFC’s launch, potentially up to 40,000.”

Ocado’s In-Store Fulfilment solution offers a rapid, scalable, and adaptable approach to fulfilling online orders from stores. Powered by intelligent simulations and optimizations, Ocado’s ISF empowers OSP partners to utilize their stores as efficient fulfilment hubs. Smart algorithms calculate optimized pick walks, enhancing productivity with minimal disruption to in-store operations.

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