Bones Love Milk Teams Up with Alta Dena and TruMoo for Skateboarding Cause at Ventura’s Surf Rodeo

Skateboarding enthusiasts sponsored by the California Milk Processor Board (known for “got milk?”) joined forces with Alta Dena and TruMoo to host a charitable skate competition, resulting in a $10,000 donation to the City of Hope Medical Center. Held during the Surf Rodeo event in Ventura over the July 4th weekend, the two-day event (July 5-6th) welcomed attendees of all ages to participate in free skate coaching, games for prizes, and meet-and-greets with their favorite skaters. Participants also refreshed themselves with cold bottles of milk throughout the activities.

Skateboarding pro Dalton Dern clinched the top spot in the best trick competition, generously donating his $5,000 prize. Runner-up Christopher Pierre-Jacques received $3,000, and Katelyn West placed third with a $2,000 donation.

Christian Hosoi, a renowned figure in skateboarding, not only emceed the competition but also educated young skaters and families on the nutritional benefits of milk. He delighted the audience by giving away TruMoo longboards and boogieboards. Against a backdrop of live music from over 30 bands, families enjoyed the California sun while cooling off with milk provided by Alta Dena and TruMoo.

Milk, packed with essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and potassium, is crucial for maintaining bone strength, enhancing muscle growth, and supporting healthy weight.

The Bones Love Milk initiative aims to educate people of all ages about milk’s pivotal role in a balanced diet. Its unique approach involves integrating into communities like Ventura and partnering with events such as Surf Rodeo, injecting fun and energy into California’s vibrant skateboarding and surfing culture.

Terry Dana, Senior Vice President of the West for DFA Dairy Brands, reflected on the event’s significance: “This event was particularly meaningful to me. All parties involved collaborated to create a couple of fantastic days filled with fun, culminating in a professional skateboard contest that raised funds for cancer research at City of Hope. It’s inspiring to witness what can be achieved when passionate individuals unite to enhance health, strengthen communities, and improve lives.”

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