Albrecht’s Delafield Market Implements Automated Supplier Food Traceability

Albrecht’s Delafield Market, a longstanding family-owned supermarket serving Lake County since 1994, has adopted the ReposiTrak Traceability Network® (RTN) to automate traceability data exchange with its suppliers. Compliance with FDA’s FSMA 204 food traceability law necessitates thorough documentation of a product’s journey from origin to sale. Implementing RTN simplifies this process for the supermarket and enhances supply chain safety and transparency.

Jordan Jeanpierre, Family Co-owner of Albrecht’s Delafield Market, emphasized the significance of streamlining traceability, particularly for their single-store operation: “Our goal is to facilitate the traceability process for our valued suppliers. With RTN, suppliers can seamlessly transmit necessary data with each shipment, enhancing supply chain security and providing unprecedented visibility into our product information.”

FDA-mandated Key Data Elements (KDEs), including product descriptions, Traceability Lot Codes (TLCs), and manufacturing details, are crucial for compliance. RTN enables the collection, organization, and retrieval of these KDEs from diverse sources, ensuring compliance with FSMA 204 and meeting individual retailer and wholesaler requirements.

Randy Fields, Chairman and CEO of ReposiTrak, underscored the urgency for retailers and wholesalers to adopt comprehensive traceability solutions akin to Albrecht’s initiative: “We are committed to assisting suppliers in locating and transmitting essential data through RTN. This data forms the foundation for complete traceability records essential for compliance with FDA regulations and beyond.”

Albrecht’s Delafield Market joins over 8,000 suppliers already leveraging ReposiTrak Traceability Network, enhancing nationwide traceability efforts among retailers and wholesalers.

Albrecht’s Delafield Market is proud to be Lake Country’s premier shopping experience. Family owned and operated since 1994, we appreciate the opportunity to serve our community. Whether it’s the area’s freshest produce, meats, deli, bakery, and floral, or the finest selection of beer, wine, or spirits, we have everything you need for your family meals or entertaining guests.

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