Boosting Local Consumption Empowering Sustainable Choices

At Ahold Delhaize and our local brands, our mission is to empower customers to understand the impact of their purchasing decisions and guide them towards healthier and more sustainable choices. Across our stores, such as Albert in the Czech Republic and Delhaize Belgium, we utilize loyalty programs to promote these values.

Xavier Piesvaux, CEO of Delhaize, emphasizes our commitment: “Every week, over 5 million customers walk through our doors in Belgium and Luxembourg. As a company, we recognize our role in influencing the eating habits of our customers. We’re progressively refining our product offerings towards a healthier selection and assisting customers in making better choices every day.”

In the Czech Republic, the My Albert app incentivizes healthier eating habits by rewarding customers with credits for purchasing from Nature’s Promise, Albert’s own-brand line comprising 370 products, 200 of which are organic. Additional credits are earned for choosing other organic and plant-based options. Special campaigns offer extra credits for purchases of organic, vegetarian, and vegan products.

Delhaize’s SuperPlus program provides a 10% discount on fresh products meeting Nutri-Score A or B criteria, covering a range from fruits and vegetables to bakery items, dairy, meat, fish, deli products, prepared meals, and plant-based alternatives. This discount has no usage limits and is applicable both online and in-store. Furthermore, we enhance this program with promotional offers, deeper discounts, and personalized electronic deals, facilitating even easier access to healthier choices. This approach allows customers to maximize their savings on top of the already attractive offers featured in the regular Delhaize sales flyer, ultimately making healthier options more accessible and affordable for everyone.

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