IN2WORK Marks Milestone500th Graduate Celebrated in Florida

Aramark Correctional Services (ACS) reached a significant milestone with its IN2WORK (I2W) program, celebrating the achievement of over 500 graduates in Florida within a span of just two years. To commemorate this achievement, both current I2W students and the graduating class joined forces to assemble 500 care packages, filled with essential items for the needy, which were distributed to the Gadsden Department of Elderly Affairs and the Community Cares Food Pantry.

The graduation ceremony took place on April 4, 2024, shining a spotlight on the accomplishments of the graduates. During the ceremony, ACS President and CEO Tim Barttrum extended his congratulations to the students, urging them to persevere in their journey towards success beyond incarceration.

Barttrum expressed the significance of the IN2WORK program within Aramark Correctional Services, emphasizing its transformative impact on the lives of incarcerated individuals. He stressed the importance of his attendance at such graduations, underlining the company’s commitment to supporting the success of its students not only through program offerings but also as a second chance employer.

The event garnered further recognition with the presence of Secretary Ricky Dixon from the Florida Department of Corrections, Senator Corey Simon, and David Clark, Chair of the Florida Talent Development Council. They commended the Florida DOC for its effective programming, particularly meaningful as April is observed as Second Chance month.

One graduate of the I2W program took the opportunity to express gratitude for the opportunities provided, emphasizing the supportive environment created by the re-entry center staff. They highlighted the value of the program, which not only educates individuals during incarceration but also provides hands-on experience in a food service environment and the prospect of interning with Aramark post-completion.

The IN2WORK program, implemented in correctional facilities nationwide where Aramark operates, equips incarcerated individuals with vocational skills, job readiness training, and a renewed sense of purpose. Through education, work ethic development, and community engagement, IN2WORK offers nationally recognized certifications in food service and retail, aiming to reduce recidivism rates and empower graduates for successful reintegration into society.

David Combs, Food Service Director and I2W Instructor, reflected on the privilege of teaching the program, noting the immediate impact on correctional facility kitchens and the long-term potential for graduates’ lives post-release.

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