Bovaer Innovative Methane-Reducing Feed Ingredient Set for US Market Debut

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has completed its extensive review of Bovaer® (3-NOP), an innovative methane-reducing feed ingredient, affirming its safety and efficacy for use in lactating dairy cattle. This clearance sets the stage for Elanco Animal Health Incorporated, in partnership with dsm-firmenich, to introduce Bovaer® to the US market.

Dsm-firmenich, renowned for its advancements in nutrition, health, and beauty, spearheaded the development of this groundbreaking feed ingredient. Bovaer® swiftly diminishes methane emissions from cattle, thus aiding in the fight against climate change while ensuring cost-effective nutrition. In a collaborative effort announced in 2022, dsm-firmenich and Elanco Animal Health Incorporated joined forces for the registration, marketing, and sales, as well as long-term production, of Bovaer® in the US. Today, this alliance celebrates the fruition of their endeavors with the US launch of Bovaer®, following the FDA’s endorsement.

Dimitri de Vreeze, CEO of dsm-firmenich, lauded the milestone, expressing support for Elanco and the US dairy sector. Initial supplies of Bovaer® will be provided from Europe, marking a pivotal moment in the global dairy industry’s quest for transformative change.

Jeff Simmons, President and CEO of Elanco Animal Health, commended dsm-firmenich for their dedication to Bovaer® and recognized Elanco’s role in bringing this solution to North American farmers. He emphasized Bovaer®’s potential to revolutionize dairy farming, facilitating climate-neutral practices while meeting consumer demands for sustainability.

Furthermore, dsm-firmenich expanded its collaboration with Elanco to include Mexico and Canada, streamlining service for North American customers. Mark van Nieuwland, VP of Bovaer® at dsm-firmenich, highlighted the partnership’s role in accelerating the global adoption of Bovaer®, aligning with efforts to combat climate change.

Through strategic partnerships worldwide, dsm-firmenich aims to expedite access to Bovaer® for farmers, contributing to a substantial reduction in methane emissions from cattle. Bovaer® is now available commercially in 59 countries, spanning regions such as the US, EU, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and much of Latin America, among other select markets.

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