Brown-Forman’s Alabama Cooperage Sold in Recent Announcement

Brown-Forman Corporation (NYSE:BFA,BFB) has announced the sale of its cooperage located in Trinity, Alabama, to Independent Stave Company (ISCO). This strategic move ensures the continuity of barrel production for the Jack Daniel Distillery, as both companies forge a partnership. Upon the anticipated closing by May 1, 2024, ISCO will rebrand the facility from the Jack Daniel Cooperage to the Alabama Cooperage.

Tim Nall, Chief Global Supply Chain and Technology Officer at Brown-Forman, emphasized the significance of barrels beyond mere containers, citing them as vital ingredients in their whiskey production. Nall expressed confidence that the agreement would secure a steady supply of high-quality barrels at competitive prices, maintaining the consistency of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey worldwide.

Independent Stave Company CEO Brad Boswell expressed gratitude for the opportunity to craft barrels for the iconic Jack Daniel’s brand and welcomed the addition of Alabama Cooperage to ISCO’s network. Boswell affirmed ISCO’s commitment to upholding the exacting standards established in Trinity since its inception in 2014, leveraging their extensive 112 years of industry experience.

In line with previous transitions, current employees at the Trinity cooperage will have the opportunity to join Independent Stave Company, mirroring the arrangement following Brown-Forman’s sale of stave mills in Alabama, Ohio, and Tennessee to ISCO.

Brown-Forman will retain ownership and operation of the longstanding Brown-Forman Cooperage in Louisville, Kentucky. This facility plays a pivotal role in producing approximately half of the barrels for the Brown-Forman brand portfolio, facilitating ongoing research, development, and innovation in barrel-related endeavors for existing brands and new expressions.

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