Purdys Chocolatier Celebrates Easter with Exciting New ‘Where’s Philbert?’ Game and Abundant Chocolate Treats

Purdys Chocolatier, a beloved chocolatier in Canada, is putting the spotlight on its cherished mascot, Philbert, a charming plush hedgehog, in its exciting Easter chocolate lineup. Introducing “Where’s Philbert?” for the first time ever, Philbert brings joy, mischief, and a bounty of Purdys treats to households nationwide. Alongside the Easter festivities, Purdys Chocolatier offers a wide array of best-selling chocolates both in-store and online.

The 2024 Easter collection from Purdys Chocolatier showcases new Easter delights alongside familiar favorites:

  • Milk Chocolate Foiled Eggs: Solid chocolate eggs available in milk or dark chocolate, individually wrapped in colorful foil, perfect for Easter egg hunts. Price: $22.50
  • Easter Classics Gift Box, 16pc: A delightful assortment of 16 bestselling chocolates, ideal for celebrating Easter. Made with sustainable cocoa. Price: $25.00
  • Barnaby Bunny: A sophisticated solid chocolate bunny standing 14.5 cm tall, available in milk, dark, and white chocolate. Made with sustainable cocoa. Price: $12.00
  • Vegan Chocolate Spring Egg: A delectable vegan treat available in smooth dark chocolate or creamy mylk chocolate, perfect for any Easter basket. Made with sustainable cocoa. Price: $5 each or 3 for $14
  • Philbert Plush: A cuddly 7″ Philbert plushie, perfect for playing “Where’s Philbert?” before Easter. Suitable for ages 3 and up. Price: $9.00

Easter baskets take center stage this year, featuring a charming reusable basket filled with delights including White Chocolate Bunny Lolly, Milk Chocolate Bunny Lolly, Topsy Bunny, Crisp Egg, and Milk Chocolate Yolk Eggs. The basket itself adds to the Easter fun, perfect for hunts and sharing with loved ones, all made with sustainable cocoa.

The Easter 2024 collection is available both online and in all Purdys Chocolatier stores across Canada from February 16th, 2024.

“Where’s Philbert?” is a heartwarming activity designed to bring families together in the lead-up to Easter. Similar to the concept of the famous elf, Philbert, the stuffed hedgehog, moves to a new location in the house every night, courtesy of parents or guardians. Children are encouraged to find Philbert each morning, discovering him in amusing situations or leaving surprises and chocolates. Philbert keeps a watchful eye, and if everyone behaves well in the two weeks before Easter, he surprises the family with Purdys chocolates on Easter morning.

Julia Cho, Director of Marketing at Purdys Chocolatier, shares, “We know that kids are most excited about two things leading up to Easter: chocolate and time with their family. We hope that our new Easter collection and ‘Where’s Philbert?’ game help families across Canada create new Easter memories and traditions together this spring.”

Follow along on social media as families nationwide share their fun and creative experiences with Philbert and the game this season.

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