Compass Group Foundation Tops £1M in Charitable Funding

The Foundation, an independent charity registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales, is dedicated to extending support to non-profit organizations in regions where Compass Group operates. Its core focus lies in fostering inclusive employment opportunities, empowering local suppliers, and offering critical aid during global crises.

In a noteworthy initiative in 2022, the Foundation promptly allocated £250,000 to the Disaster Emergency Committee to aid in the Ukraine humanitarian crisis.

Since its formal inception in January 2023, the Foundation has significantly expanded its outreach. Over the course of its inaugural year, it disbursed over £500,000, as delineated in its comprehensive inaugural impact report. Throughout the 12 months leading up to September 30, 2023, the Foundation extended grants to 14 not-for-profit entities across eight nations. These grants spanned a diverse spectrum, ranging from organizations supporting individuals with disabilities to initiatives aimed at bolstering the livelihoods of small-scale farmers. In response to the catastrophic earthquake striking southern Türkiye and northern Syria in February 2023, the Foundation promptly provided funding that facilitated the establishment of temporary shelters, working in tandem with Sofra Compass Group in Türkiye.

Subsequently, the Foundation has pledged an additional £240,000 to sustain its ongoing partnerships with existing charity collaborators, alongside extending support to seven new not-for-profit entities across 10 countries. Cumulatively, the Foundation’s contributions have surpassed the £1 million mark since its inception.

Leveraging Compass Group’s established networks and expertise, the Foundation fosters collaborative ventures and encourages employee engagement in volunteer initiatives, thus magnifying the positive social and environmental footprint within local communities.

In the fiscal year concluding on September 30, 2023, the Foundation’s grants facilitated tangible improvements in the lives of over 2,800 individuals, including both direct and indirect beneficiaries. Additionally, these grants aided 62 small to medium-sized enterprise supplier businesses. Concurrently, Compass Group employees dedicated over 8,400 hours to community volunteering in support of the Foundation’s philanthropic endeavors.

For comprehensive insights into the impact, projects, and individuals supported by the Compass Group Foundation during its inaugural year, refer to its 2023 Impact Report. The accomplishments underscore the profound social and environmental contributions facilitated by Compass Group on a global scale, underscoring the invaluable commitment of its employees, whose dedication and expertise have been instrumental in nurturing impactful collaborations with supported charities.

Looking forward, the Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to collaborating with and bolstering additional not-for-profit organizations that align with its vision of fostering a sustainable and equitable world. Harnessing the resources, networks, and influence of Compass Group’s business endeavors, the Foundation endeavors to effect positive change in the lives of individuals within the communities where the Group operates

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