Corteva Unveils Corteva Catalyst Initiative

Corteva, Inc. (NYSE: CTVA) has unveiled its latest endeavor, Corteva Catalyst, a dynamic investment and collaboration platform geared towards accessing and introducing agricultural innovations that align with the company’s research and development (R&D) objectives while fostering value creation. Through Corteva Catalyst, the company aims to collaborate with entrepreneurs and visionaries to expedite the progress of early-stage disruptive technologies that empower farmers to enhance food and feed production sustainably.

Sam Eathington, EVP and Chief Technology and Digital Officer at Corteva, emphasized the company’s commitment to tackling farmers’ critical challenges globally through innovation partnerships. He highlighted Corteva Catalyst as a pivotal extension of this commitment, combining the company’s extensive expertise and resources with the agility of startups and academic institutions to usher in novel solutions for farmers worldwide. Eathington expressed confidence that this initiative would bolster Corteva’s pipeline and accelerate its growth trajectory.

With its solid foundation built upon Corteva’s recognized R&D capabilities, global presence, and robust go-to-market infrastructure, Corteva Catalyst is primed to champion the development and commercialization of revolutionary technologies, swiftly delivering them into the hands of farmers.

Initially, Corteva Catalyst will concentrate its efforts on identifying opportunities across four strategic verticals closely aligned with the company’s R&D priorities: genome editing, biologicals and natural products, technology platforms, and decision science. This strategic focus underscores Corteva’s commitment to driving innovation that addresses key challenges in agriculture while enhancing sustainability and productivity.

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