Daniel Servitje Named Executive Chair Rafael Pamias CEO at Grupo Bimbo

Grupo Bimbo, S.A.B. de C.V. (“Grupo Bimbo” or the “Company”) has announced significant organizational changes, marking a pivotal moment in its leadership structure. Effective May 1, 2024, Daniel Servitje will assume the newly created role of Executive Chair, while Rafael Pamias will step into the position of CEO.

These changes underscore Grupo Bimbo’s commitment to enhancing corporate governance and strategic oversight. They aim to fortify the company’s foundation to address the challenges and opportunities arising from its recent growth and expansion. Importantly, these adjustments ensure the continuity of Grupo Bimbo’s guiding Philosophy and Culture.

As Executive Chair, Daniel Servitje will concentrate on guiding strategic decision-making processes, ensuring alignment with long-term objectives, and safeguarding the interests of shareholders and the Board of Directors. Meanwhile, Rafael Pamias, in his capacity as CEO, will assume responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the company, reporting directly to the Executive Chair.

Daniel Servitje expressed his rationale for the transition, citing a desire to step into a role that allows him to focus on strategic endeavors after 43 years of dedicated service. Despite relinquishing the CEO position, he reaffirmed his commitment to actively contribute to Grupo Bimbo’s strategic direction.

Reflecting on his tenure, Servitje highlighted the remarkable growth achieved under his leadership, emphasizing the invaluable contributions of stakeholders across the company’s global footprint. He underscored Grupo Bimbo’s evolution into the world’s largest baking company, boasting a vast network of bakeries and a diverse workforce operating in 35 countries.

Looking ahead, Servitje outlined his focus on driving growth, enhancing competitiveness, and nurturing talent within the organization. He emphasized a continued commitment to quality, innovation, and research and development initiatives to sustain Grupo Bimbo’s momentum.

Rafael Pamias, the incoming CEO, brings over 35 years of expertise in business strategy and marketing, gained from his tenure at renowned multinational corporations. His appointment reflects the company’s confidence in his leadership abilities and strategic acumen. Pamias expressed gratitude for the opportunity and pledged to uphold Grupo Bimbo’s legacy of success and sustainable growth.

Servitje commended Pamias’s leadership qualities and global perspective, citing his instrumental role in driving financial performance and shaping the company’s sustainability agenda. Pamias’s track record underscores his capacity to navigate complex organizational landscapes and drive positive change.

In summary, Grupo Bimbo’s leadership transition marks a pivotal moment in the company’s journey, signaling a renewed focus on strategic direction, operational excellence, and sustainable growth under the stewardship of Daniel Servitje as Executive Chair and Rafael Pamias as CEO.

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