Kellanova and Shaw Join No Kid Hungry to End Summer Hunger in Maine

Thousands of children in Maine confront food insecurity, making summer the most challenging time of year for them. Recognizing this, Kellanova has joined forces with Shaw’s Supermarkets to contribute $50,000 to No Kid Hungry, aiming to foster #BetterDays for Maine’s children, ensuring they have the opportunity to grow, learn, and flourish during the summer months.

As the school year ends, many children lose access to the nutritious meals provided at school, exacerbating the issue, particularly in rural areas where access to free summer meals is limited. Meigan Goodwin, Customer Team Lead – Albertsons at Kellanova, stresses the importance of addressing this pressing need: “With 34 million people in America unsure of where their next meal will come from, the imperative to provide sustenance and support remains paramount.” Through the Kellanova Better Days Promise, the commitment to alleviate hunger is unwavering, with Shaw’s partnership amplifying these efforts to combat hunger in Maine communities.

No Kid Hungry focuses on initiatives such as school breakfast and summer meal programs, striving to reach the most vulnerable children. In Maine, they’ve directed $128,000 in grant funding since 2022, empowering local leaders to implement tailored solutions. For instance, a grant awarded in 2023 enabled the Auburn-Lewiston YMCA summer camp to offer daily meals and snacks to half of its attendees facing food insecurity.

Teresa Edington, Shaw’s Spokesperson, emphasizes Shaw’s dedication to supporting hunger relief programs, affirming their commitment to enriching the lives of children in Maine communities, thanks to collaborative efforts with partners like Kellanova.

This donation exemplifies Kellanova’s commitment to realizing its Better Days™ Promise. With a focus on advancing sustainable and equitable food access, Kellanova aims to create #BetterDays for 4 billion people globally by 2030.

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