Domino’s Embarks on a Vibrant New Era

Domino’s Embarks on a Vibrant New Era
further Than Just a Brand, It’s Your Companion in Every joyous Moment
– moment marks a ground- breaking moment in Domino’s trip in India, as it unveiled a
strikingly vibrant new look, landing the substance of being further than just a brand – it’s a companion for every joyous
moment. This metamorphosis isn’t just skin-deep; it’s the personification of an old friend, reimagined in an instigative new
Introducing its dynamic brand crusade,’ It Happens Only with Pizza'( IHOP), Domino’s has strategically tapped into the
palpitation of India’s youth. Across the different mosaic of Indian societies, youthful people widely find that amidst life’s every
pressure or festivity, if one gets to eat a good mess, the mood gets further elevated. And what if that mess happens to
be a slice of succulent pizza? This sapience has shaped Domino’s relaunch – a fresh, immature, and vivacious persona that
resonates with the trends and perceptivity of moment’s generation.
On this occasion, Sameer Khetarpal, MD & CEO of Jubilant FoodWorks Limited, participated his perceptivity” While Domino’s
is a leader in pizza order, through ‘ It Happens Only with Pizza ’, we intend to target consumers’ mindshare to gain and
grow share of pizza occasions. Out of 1000 mess occasions in a time, pizza is consumed only thrice. A 360- degree
communication, including stores and delivery boxes, brings the experience in an intertwined manner, allowing Domino’s to
gain share of occasions in a$ 51 billion foodservice request, where pizza is just$ 1 billion.”
At the heart of this brand revivification is the IHOP crusade, designed to inoculate Domino’s with an energetic and dynamic
faculty, particularly appealing to Gen Z and youthful millennials. This action forms a foundation of Domino’s” Brand
Relaunch” crusade, encompassing a fresh packaging design and a comprehensive brand overhaul. The end is clear to
position Domino’s as the ultimate choice for creating memorable gests and fostering connections, all centered
around the participated love for pizza. Consumers can rest assured, the Domino’s Pizza they know, and love remains
unchanged – it’s the same magical form, now wrapped in a more vibrant and immature donation.
Domino’s has also brought alive 3D anamorphic billboards in Delhi for the first time in the QSR assiduity. This visual
spectacle will feature larger- than- life representations of crucial IHOP moments, mirroring the new packaging design to
enhance brand recognition
Sandeep Anand, EVP and CMO at Domino’s India, echoed this excitement “ We are thrilled to embark on this
transformative trip with our guests. This elaboration reflects our commitment to staying dynamic and applicable,
responding to the ever- changing preferences of the youth. This rebranding goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating
continuing brand recollections that reverberate with fun, newness, youngness, and sprightliness. rudiments like our eye- catching 3D
Anamorphic Billboard and our catchy brand hymn are set to produce an unknown brand recall. ”
This comprehensive activation serves as further than just marketing – it’s a narrative about the unique moments that are
elevated by the presence of pizza. Amplified through strategic social media channels, this crusade is designed to
maximize engagement and support Domino’s position as the top culinary choice.
About Jubilant FoodWorks Limited
Jubilant FoodWorks Limited( NSE, BSE JUBLFOOD) is India’s largest foodservice company and is part of the triumphant
Bhartia Group. Incorporated in 1995, the Company holds the exclusive master ballot rights from Domino’s PizzaInc.
to develop and operate the Domino’s Pizza brand in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. In India, it has a strong and
expansive network of 1,888 Domino’s stores across 397 metropolises. In Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the Company operates
through its 100 possessed attachment which presently has 50 and 23 stores independently. The Company also has exclusive
rights to develop and operate Popeyes caffs
in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan and Dunkin’ caffs
India. The Company presently operates 22 Popeyes caffs
in six metropolises and 21 Dunkin’ caffs
across seven
In 2019, triumphant FoodWorks launched its first possessed- eatery brand ‘ Hong’s Kitchen ’ in the Chinese cookery member
which now has 18 caffs
across three metropolises

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