Triumphant FoodWorks Limited( NSE, BSE JUBLFOOD), India’s largest foodservice company

Triumphant FoodWorks Limited( NSE, BSE JUBLFOOD), India’s largest foodservice company,
announces the successful perpetration of India’s first” No Antibiotics Ever”( NAE) policy 2023 in Poultry Birds’ Health
Management. This ground- breaking policy reflects the Company’s commitment to food safety, beast weal, and is also
aimed towards addressing global enterprises girding Antimicrobial Resistance( AMR).
Since November 2017, the Company has been laboriously working on the antibiotics policy to address the abuse of
antibiotics in flesh sourcing. The successful perpetration of all three planned phases emphasized ethical practices,
confining antibiotic use to remedial purposes under veterinary supervision while barringnon-therapeutic use for
growth creation.
To achieve corner of “ No Antibiotics Ever ”, the Company has enforced a robust Surveillance and Supervision
System, gauging granges, slaughterhouses, and recycling units. This comprehensive system, overseen by good
veterinarians, guarantees strict adherence to the antibiotic operation policy. likewise, the Company has achieved the
unique feat of ‘ Farm Traceability ’, validating its commitment to responsible sourcing and monitoring of products.
opining on the corner,Mr. Avinash Kant Kumar, President – Value Chain Engineering, Hong’s Kitchen,
International Business and CSR- of Jubilant FoodWorks Limited said, “‘ triumphant for All ’ represents the Company’s
commitment to creating long- continuing value that delights not only our guests but all those involved in the process.
Sustainability is deeply bedded in the Company’smulti-stakeholder business model as a crucial tenet of generating value.
The said corner will go a long way in farther strengthening ‘ Responsible Sourcing ’ as one of the crucial pillars under our
Sustainability Program. As the colonist of constituting an NAE policy in the world of QSR, moving beyond antibiotics isn’t
just a policy; it’s a resounding protestation of our values and an essential step towards delivering high- quality, safe, and
immorally sourced products to our sapient consumers. ”
About Jubilant FoodWorks Limited
Jubilant FoodWorks Limited( NSE, BSE JUBLFOOD) is India’s largest foodservice company and is part of the triumphant
Bhartia Group. Incorporated in 1995, the Company holds the exclusive master ballot rights from Domino’s PizzaInc.
to develop and operate the Domino’s Pizza brand in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. In India, it has a strong and
expansive network of 1,888 Domino’s stores across 397 metropolises. In Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the Company operates
through its 100 possessed attachment which presently has 50 and 23 stores independently. The Company also has exclusive
rights to develop and operate Popeyes caffs
in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan and Dunkin’ caffs
India. The Company presently operates 22 Popeyes caffs
in six metropolises and 21 Dunkin’ caffs
across seven
In 2019, the Company launched its first possessed- eatery brand ‘ Hong’s Kitchen ’ in the Chinese cookery member which
now has 18 caffs
across three metropolises