Five Ways McDonald’s is Fostering Opportunities in the U.S. Business Landscape

When McDonald’s is mentioned, thoughts of our iconic World Famous Fries® and beloved burgers often come to mind. Beyond our commitment to delivering delicious food, the impact we make on the communities we serve holds equal significance. This impact manifests in various surprising ways, encompassing employment opportunities, tuition assistance, support for farmers nationwide, and fundraising for Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC ®). We firmly believe that these initiatives translate into tangible positive effects, both locally and nationally.

To gauge the extent of McDonald’s business community impact and involvement over a year across all 50 states, we collaborated with the analysis firm Oxford Economics. The results reveal several key highlights.*

McDonald’s and its franchisees played a role in generating 1.4 million jobs and contributing $108 billion to the U.S. GDP over the year. Remarkably, 1 in 8 Americans has experienced working at a McDonald’s restaurant, underscoring the profound impact as an employer in communities nationwide. With a commitment to expanding our global footprint to 50,000 restaurants by 2027, we anticipate furthering our local impact and welcoming more members into the McFamily.

McDonald’s and its franchisees provided over $26 million in tuition assistance for restaurant employees through our Archways to Opportunity® program. This initiative underscores our belief that opportunity begins with education, offering eligible U.S. employees and those of participating franchisees the chance to pursue higher education, earn a high school diploma, learn English as a second language, and access academic and career advising services.

The McDonald’s System actively supports American farmers and the U.S. supply chain, purchasing $5.5 billion in raw ingredients in 2021 alone. Our commitment to responsible sourcing ensures that the fresh ingredients used in McDonald’s favorites are grown, raised, and harvested by U.S. farmers. Throughout our supply chain, we identify opportunities to positively impact the planet, farmers, and communities.

Over the year, McDonald’s, its franchisees, and customers donated more than $40 million to RMHC, supporting families with children facing illness or injury globally. This ongoing support reflects McDonald’s dedication to having a positive impact on the communities we operate in, making us not only a founding partner but also RMHC’s enduring ally.

The McDonald’s System invested over $9.4 billion with U.S. suppliers, contributing to thriving local communities. Collaborating with U.S. suppliers, such as Michigan-based Peterson Farms, ensures the stability of over 100 Michigan family farms. As a supplier for fresh sliced apples for Happy Meals, Peterson Farms plays a crucial role in supplying over 200,000 tons of apples annually, with the resulting benefits channeled back into the local community through initiatives like affordable housing, childcare solutions, transportation, parks, and water infrastructure

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