McDonald’s Unveils Stylish and Sustainable New Uniforms Across the U.S

Introducing sustainability into every aspect of McDonald’s business has led to the adoption of innovative solutions such as reusable McFlurry spindles, rooftop solar panels, and now, fresh new crew uniforms. While the fast-food giant has a history of updating crew uniforms, the latest aprons, jeans, and graphic T-shirts signify more than just a style refresh. They incorporate CiCLO® technology, a groundbreaking textile innovation that facilitates the biodegradation of polyester fibers at rates comparable to natural materials like wool.

This strategic move is not merely a fashion statement; it’s a conscious effort to address the environmental challenge posed by synthetic materials, particularly polyester. Traditionally used for its durability in creating long-lasting garments, polyester microfibers shed during manufacturing, use, and washing, persisting in the environment far beyond their intended life cycle. These tiny, unfiltered microfibers contribute significantly to global microplastic pollution in soil and seas.

Enter CiCLO® technology—a patented textile ingredient designed to combat the issue of fugitive synthetic microfiber pollution. When integrated into polyester production, CiCLO® enables the shedding fibers to biodegrade at rates comparable to wool when exposed to moisture and microbes in wastewater sludge, soils, landfills, and seawater. Importantly, the technology only activates under specific conditions, ensuring durability throughout the useful life of the polyester garment.

CiCLO® technology has already made waves in products like swim and surf wear, bedding, fiber fill, and yarns. Now, it’s making a positive impact in the fast-food industry, specifically in the denim used for McDonald’s new uniforms. As part of McDonald’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, collaborations with franchisees, suppliers, and producers aim to explore renewable energy, advance the circular economy, and adopt sustainable packaging options.

The partnership with uniform supplier Way To Be exemplifies this commitment. Together with tms, the uniform and packaging supplier, they took on the challenge of finding a sustainable way to dress McDonald’s crew members in the United States. The result is the adoption of CiCLO® technology in the design of crew uniforms, aligning with McDonald’s broader sustainability goals.

A blind field test of the CiCLO® uniforms revealed that crew members reported no significant differences in performance, comfort, or ease of care compared to traditional uniforms. Now, these environmentally conscious uniforms are available in all U.S. McDonald’s restaurants. Not only do they contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment by preventing plastic pollution, but they also prove that looking good can indeed do a great deal of good.

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