Elevating Menus Trends for Inspiring Innovation and Driving Sales in Commercial Kitchens

Unilever Food Solutions’ Future Menu Trends Report 2024: Driving Innovation and Impact

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) continues to set the pace in the culinary industry with its groundbreaking Future Menu Trends Report 2024. This annual publication stands as a testament to UFS’s commitment to innovation and its profound impact on the culinary landscape. By harnessing market insights and a cutting-edge product portfolio, UFS is not only attracting and engaging chefs but also empowering them to excel in their craft.

The second edition of the Future Menu Trends report is a culmination of recipe inspiration, insights, and practical tips curated from the expertise of 250 in-house UFS chefs and feedback from over 1,600 food service professionals. Since its inception in 2023, the report has garnered over 3 billion media impressions, solidifying its status as UFS’s premier customer engagement platform.

One of the report’s primary objectives is to drive growth for powerhouse brands such as Knorr Professional and Hellmann’s. It serves as a comprehensive playbook for chefs, offering trending recipes while also serving as a vital touchpoint for UFS to interact with the industry.

Star Chen, CEO of Unilever Food Solutions, emphasizes the brand’s chef-centric approach, stating, “Our close communication with food service professionals allows us to have an in-depth understanding of their needs and pain points, which consequently allows us to offer unmissable, superior products that help address those needs.”

The report not only caters to chefs’ creative aspirations but also addresses practical concerns, aligning with recent Kantar findings that highlight trends and recipe inspiration as top priorities for chefs. This strategic engagement has led to a remarkable 13% increase in new customers, surpassing the brand’s 3 million operator target two years ahead of schedule.

Central to the report’s success is its ability to translate inspiration into action. Kees van Erp, UFS Global Executive Chef, notes, “The Future Menu recipes offer us the opportunity to present our key products in action and to highlight how our innovations can address chefs’ pain points identified in each market.”

By spotlighting UFS products within these recipes, the report underscores the brand’s commitment to delivering superior quality and value. This approach has contributed to double-digit growth in 2023, driven by strong performance in key regions.

Furthermore, the Future Menu Trends are finely attuned to the challenges faced by professional kitchens, offering solutions to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. This year’s trends also reflect evolving diner preferences, with a special focus on Gen Z’s demand for memorable dining experiences.

Angela Klute, Global CMO, elaborates, “Gen Z demands bigger, better, more vibrant unforgettable experiences, seeing food as a form of escapism and regularly making dining choices based on the stories behind the food.”

In essence, the Future Menu Trends Report 2024 embodies UFS’s dedication to innovation, customer engagement, and culinary excellence, shaping the future of professional kitchens worldwide.

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