Empowering Students for Success in the Hospitality Industry

Aramark Collegiate Hospitality Paves the Way for Future Hospitality Careers

In an effort to cultivate the next generation of leaders in the hospitality industry, Aramark Collegiate Hospitality has unveiled a dynamic Student Hospitality Management Program. This immersive initiative not only imparts essential job skills but also guides college and university students towards successful leadership roles.

The program, initiated earlier this month, is currently undergoing a pilot phase at Purdue University in Indiana. Purdue University is renowned globally and nationally for its top-tier hospitality and tourism management (HTM) programs. Aramark Collegiate Hospitality, which has been in partnership with the university for over three years, managing food and beverage services at more than 30 campus outlets, has now taken a significant step forward with the introduction of this innovative program.

Joanna Boulanger, Aramark Resident District Manager and a Purdue School of Hospitality and Tourism Management graduate, emphasized the program’s tailor-made approach. She stated, “The internship is customized to create a program for each student’s specific interests.”

The Student Hospitality Management Program is designed not only to benefit Purdue students but also as a scalable model for potential expansion to other universities in the future. The program was unveiled at a campus career fair and promoted through Purdue’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management channels.

Interviews commenced in the fall of 2023, leading to the selection of three students— one senior and two juniors— to participate in the inaugural internship program this semester.

Ruthie Seals, a junior studying HTM at Purdue and one of the selected interns, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “Students certainly are set up for success while working in this internship program. I hope to become a future leader in the hospitality industry, and I also hope to start my career with Aramark.”

The 16-week program demands a commitment of 20 hours per week from the students. It encompasses comprehensive, hands-on training in various aspects of hospitality, including dining operations, leadership, human resources, marketing, finance and accounting, supply chain, nutrition, sustainability, and more.

Each intern is paired with an experienced Aramark Collegiate Hospitality management mentor who provides guidance, support, and feedback. Bi-weekly one-on-one leadership discussions are conducted to foster growth and professional connections with Aramark leaders in areas aligned with each student’s interests.

The structured program allows students not only to gain valuable experience but also to earn class credits. Paul Gary, Aramark Collegiate Hospitality Human Resources Manager at Purdue, expressed his optimism about the program’s long-term impact: “Down the line, we hope this will lead to more students entering into Aramark’s S2L (Step Up to Leadership) and A2L (Accelerate to Leadership) programs to better prepare them for the future—and for futures with Aramark.

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