Completion of Miropasz Group Acquisition by Darling Ingredients Inc

Leading the global effort to transform food waste into sustainable products and generate renewable energy, today, Darling Ingredients Inc. has successfully concluded the acquisition of Miropasz Group, a prominent Polish rendering company.

The acquisition plan was initially unveiled in November 2022, with a purchase price of €110 million, accounting for potential closing costs. Miropasz Group operates three poultry rendering plants—located in Mirowice, Pszczonow, and Krasnystaw—in southeast Poland, processing around 250,000 metric tons of poultry by-products annually. The company boasts a workforce of approximately 225 employees.

Randall C. Stuewe, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Darling Ingredients, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting Poland’s pivotal role in global poultry production. He emphasized the significance of Darling’s strategic move, integrating seamlessly with their existing plants in central and western Poland, while reinforcing their dedication to expanding the supply of low-carbon feedstocks worldwide.

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