Empowering the Next Generation Amplifying Their Voice in Our Boardroom

Ahold Delhaize, a global retail giant, stands among the largest companies in its industry. With a workforce exceeding 400,000 individuals spanning five generations, notably with 67% being Millennials or younger, the company recognizes the imperative of incorporating the voice of the next generation into its strategic decision-making processes.

To address this need, Ahold Delhaize is forging ahead into the future by establishing an advisory board to the Executive Committee (ExCo) known as the “NextCo.” This initiative ensures that the ExCo gains access to the perspectives and insights of the upcoming generation in shaping strategies and making crucial decisions.

Moreover, Ahold Delhaize acknowledges the significance of fostering leadership development and offering advisory opportunities for emerging leaders. The selection process for NextCo members involved nominations from senior leaders across all major local brands and support companies, with the chosen individuals representing the Millennial demographic from key countries where Ahold Delhaize operates.

The appointed NextCo Leaders, including Valerie Soto, Frits Kesting, Anđela Petrović, Eline van der Hulst, Jess Rodgers, and Jolien Pap, will serve terms lasting 18-24 months. Collaboratively with the ExCo, they have identified several focus areas for the upcoming months, encompassing engagement with the new Ahold Delhaize strategy and sustainability efforts.

As Ahold Delhaize extends its commitment to evolving and meeting the evolving needs of its customers and associates, initiatives like NextCo are poised to play a pivotal role in advising the company and its brands for the future. Congratulations are extended to the NextCo members, and anticipation is high for the contributions they will make to the ongoing success of Ahold Delhaize and its associated companies.

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