Exploring Local Influence Through Responsible Alcohol Delivery

“Expanding Horizons: The Rise of Responsible Alcohol Delivery in 2023”

In 2023, the landscape of alcohol delivery on DoorDash Marketplace in the US witnessed significant growth, with a 37% increase in the number of merchants selling alcohol. This surge in activity saw nearly 1 million Dashers completing alcohol deliveries for the first time, indicating a growing trend towards this mode of service.

Moreover, Dashers found alcohol deliveries to be more lucrative, earning approximately 20% more on such deliveries compared to non-alcohol ones. This increase in earnings underscores the viability and attractiveness of responsible alcohol delivery as an option.

The expansion of responsible alcohol delivery services across 32 states in the US, along with the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, reflects a broader trend towards offering consumers safe and convenient ways to access alcoholic beverages. Whether it’s ordering cocktails-to-go from local eateries, grabbing a six-pack for game day, or enjoying a bottle of wine during family movie nights, consumers now have more choices than ever.

Beyond mere convenience, responsible alcohol delivery plays a crucial role in fostering local economic growth. Merchants of all sizes, from neighborhood wine shops to expansive liquor stores, have benefited from this trend. The number of liquor stores available on DoorDash Marketplace increased by over 60% in 2023, amplifying consumer choice and supporting local businesses.

Craft breweries, in particular, have leveraged alcohol delivery to reach broader audiences, with DoorDash Marketplace selling over 20,000 units of craft beer in 2023. This expanded reach allows breweries to showcase their unique offerings and contribute to the growth of local economies.

For Dashers, the rise in alcohol deliveries represents additional earning opportunities. DoorDash introduced enhancements to its alcohol safety compliance module, ensuring that Dashers are equipped with the necessary guidelines and protocols to execute deliveries responsibly.

Safety remains a top priority for DoorDash, with proactive measures in place to prevent deliveries to high-risk areas and streamlined processes for handling returns. The commitment to safety is reflected in consumer perceptions, with 95% of DoorDash consumers feeling that alcohol delivery through the app is as safe as purchasing alcohol elsewhere.

Looking ahead, DoorDash is poised to continue supporting the expansion of responsible alcohol delivery on a national scale. As more communities explore this option, DoorDash stands ready to collaborate with policymakers to ensure a safe and beneficial experience for consumers, merchants, and Dashers alike.

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