Enhancing Nutritional Value Solutions Rooted in Science

Nutrition lies at the heart of Nestlé’s mission, serving as a paramount focus for our endeavors. As the Chief Technology Officer, I take immense pride in the dedication and proficiency of our teams, confident in our commitment to a science-driven approach to nutrition. Our ongoing efforts center on reducing salt, sugars, and saturated fats in our products while contextualizing nutrition within balanced diets, considering factors like product composition, portion size, meal structure, and consumption frequency. Additionally, we tailor our offerings to meet evolving consumer dietary needs, whether due to lifecycle changes or specific health conditions.

To achieve these goals, our Research and Development (R&D) teams collaborate with leading academic institutions to devise impactful solutions rooted in the latest scientific advancements and technology. Our approach encompasses various facets, from developing recipes holistically using nutrient profiling and artificial intelligence (AI) to leveraging new technologies for enhancing nutrient density.

Our nutrient-profiling system, rigorously reviewed and refined over decades, now includes a feature benchmarking against industry standards, bolstering our category-specific formulation targets. This system, underpinned by a recent algorithm publication, ensures that any product reformulation or new development aligns with our nutritional objectives.

In tandem, we integrate regulations, taste preferences, texture, cost considerations, and sustainability into our product development framework. Leveraging AI and data science alongside our expert developers, we’ve streamlined recipe creation, with our connected recipe tool drawing from a vast database to predict optimal formulations that meet all criteria.

Moreover, we’ve introduced groundbreaking technologies to enhance nutritional value. Our enzymatic sugar reduction process, for instance, significantly reduces intrinsic sugar in key ingredients without compromising taste, as evidenced by our successful implementation in Milo beverages across Southeast Asia. Similarly, our novel fat reduction technology, based on milk protein aggregation, preserves creaminess and flavor while reducing fat content, exemplified by our reduced-fat Ninho products in Brazil.

Furthermore, our commitment to holistic nutrition led to the development of N3 milk, enriched with prebiotic fibers through an innovative enzymatic conversion process. This product not only offers essential nutrients but also promotes gut microbiome health, showcasing our comprehensive approach beyond isolated nutrients.

In acknowledging the challenges within indulgent categories like chocolate, we’ve prioritized portion size and guidance. Our ongoing research aims to provide consumers with clear, credible guidance on appropriate serving sizes, considering diverse dietary guidelines and consumption patterns globally.

Ultimately, our goal is to deliver tailored nutritional benefits, addressing diverse needs across the lifespan and various health conditions. Through ongoing research and innovation, we’re dedicated to providing science-based solutions that support cognitive and physical well-being, digestive health, metabolic function, and more, for individuals and pets alike.

At Nestlé, nutrition isn’t just a component of what we do—it’s ingrained in our identity and remains a cornerstone of our company’s strength. With decades of expertise and technological prowess, we’re committed to empowering consumers to achieve balanced, nourishing diets that are both accessible and enjoyable, guided by rigorous scientific principles and innovative product solutions.

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