Magnum Takes the Lead in Mood-Boosting Cuisine with Exciting New Collection

Magnum Sets the Tone for 2024’s Ice Cream Season with Mood-Inspired Flavors

Kicking off the ice cream season with a bang, Magnum introduces its inaugural range of mood-inspired flavors. Combining irresistible chocolate, creamy ice cream, and a delightful surprise at the core, this collection aims to carve out a significant share of the €85 billion ice cream market, where 75% of consumers are on the lookout for novel ice cream experiences.

Magnum unveils a trio of innovative, mood-inspired flavors, marking a significant step in its pursuit of culinary excellence. With global retail ice cream sales projected to hit €85 billion in 2024, Magnum’s latest offering seeks to elevate its premium portfolio to new heights.

Citing research by cocoa supplier Barry Callebaut, which indicates that 75% of consumers worldwide are eager to explore fresh and exciting ice cream experiences, Magnum is strategically poised to tap into this burgeoning market. In a landscape where innovation reigns supreme, the key lies in delivering tantalizing flavors and captivating formats.

According to Ben Curtis, Global Magnum and Luxury Brands Lead, Magnum has always been a trailblazer in ice cream innovation. The success of previous innovations like the 2023 Sunlover and Starchaser duo, which doubled the turnover compared to 2021, underscores the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

The culmination of two years of meticulous craftsmanship, Magnum Pleasure Express promises a multi-sensorial journey unlike any other. For the first time, Magnum marries its signature cracking chocolate with novel ice cream flavors, each concealing a delightful surprise at its core. The goal? To tantalize ice cream aficionados with a symphony of flavors and textures with every bite.

Magnum Pleasure Express introduces a groundbreaking concept by offering ice creams tailored to match different moods: Euphoria, Wonder, and Chill. Whether seeking happiness, indulgence, or tranquility, there’s a Magnum flavor to suit every palate.

Euphoria, inspired by happiness, boasts a zesty lemon ice cream complemented by a refreshing raspberry sorbet core, all encased in a decadent white chocolate shell sprinkled with popping candy. Meanwhile, Wonder taps into the trend of brown flavors, combining toffee-infused ice cream with the surprising sweetness of a date ice cream core, coated in golden chocolate and caramelized almonds.

For those craving a refreshing experience, Chill delivers with its vibrant blueberry-infused vanilla-biscuit ice cream, paired with a luscious blueberry sorbet core and crunchy cookie pieces, enveloped in rich vegan chocolate couverture.

But the journey doesn’t end at the store shelf. Magnum’s multi-channel marketing strategy ensures that the excitement continues long after purchase. Leveraging award-winning adverts and a captivating media campaign featuring the ‘Pleasure Express’ train, Magnum invites consumers to embark on a journey of indulgence, urging them to follow wherever pleasure leads.

As Ben Curtis aptly concludes, Magnum’s latest campaign reflects a deep understanding of consumer preferences, reaffirming the brand’s position as a trailblazer in flavor innovation and a leader in meeting evolving market demands.

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