Fish Head Farms, Inc Partners With Clesens for Exclusive Distribution Deal

Fish Head Farms, Inc. is thrilled to announce a significant development in its journey – an exclusive agreement with Clesens for the sales, marketing, and distribution of FISH SH!T. This agreement covers the expansive golf and turf markets across several key regions, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Northern Indiana, Eastern Illinois, and the greater St. Louis Area.

At the heart of this collaboration lies FISH SH!T, a pioneering product renowned for its potency in the Agricultural, Golf Course Maintenance, Cannabis, and Plant Industries. Boasting over 4,000 distinct microbial species in every bottle, along with billions of microbes per dose, FISH SH!T stands out as a 100% organic solution. Certified by OMRI, CDFA, USDA Bio Preferred, and CFIA, its credibility is unmatched.

The secret to FISH SH!T’s effectiveness lies in its diverse microbial community, meticulously crafted to break down both organic and synthetic matter, enriching the soil with vital nutrients. This microbial powerhouse fosters robust grass growth and soil health, promoting increased root growth, soil water retention, microbial activity, and nutrient accessibility.

With over 15,000 golf courses dotting the American landscape, the potential for FISH SH!T in turf management is vast. Specifically targeting regions like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Northern Indiana, Eastern Illinois, and the greater St. Louis Area, FISH SH!T offers golf course superintendents a game-changing solution. From enhancing germination rates to fortifying root zones and ensuring compliance with NPK regulations, FISH SH!T emerges as a safe and effective option for environmentally conscious turf management.

Joe Blanchard, Chief Revenue Officer at Fish Head Farms, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Clesens marks a significant step in expanding our national distribution network within the Golf and Turf markets. Working alongside respected partners like Clesens amplifies our ability to cater to discerning customers who recognize the unparalleled benefits of our product.”

Echoing Blanchard’s sentiment, Matt Kinnard, Director of Sales and Managing Partner at Clesens, emphasized their commitment to customer satisfaction. “At Clesens, our priority is always our clients. Adding FISH SH!T to our offerings aligns perfectly with our ethos of delivering tested, biological solutions that yield tangible results. We’re excited to introduce a product that delivers precisely what our customers demand,” Kinnard remarked.

In essence, the partnership between Fish Head Farms and Clesens heralds a new era of innovation and sustainability in turf management, underscoring their shared dedication to delivering excellence to customers across the Midwest and beyond.

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